Telegram’s Pavel Durov Suggests Auctioning Usernames as NFTs

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Pavel Durov Telegram NFTs

Telegram’s Chief Executive Officer Pavel Durov has offered to bring usernames and channel links to market in the form of non fungible tokens.

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Durov said in a message he wrote to his group that he was moved by the success of the auction TON (The Open Network) lately executed for their domain/wallet names.

Durov finds this would form an environment where username owners would be able to transfer them to others in protected operations. The ownership of the usernames is secured due to the blockchain technology and NFTs.

In a message Durov also mentioned he was excited by TON’s recent sale of more than 2,000 .ton domain names netting around $3 M.

TON DNS enables users to assign a readable name to cryptocurrency products. Durov believes Telegram with its 700 M users could achieve success if TON has been able to secure great results. He added that it is possible for the platform to add other units such as channels, and stickers/emoji in the future.