Dhahab Sports and Flamengo, a partnership of millions

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Come with DHS to participate, encourage and be among the best practices in the world of sport.

What Dhahab Sports (DHS) announces today for the world of sport and the digital economy is unprecedented! DHS joins the most incredible power of Latin American football and is proud of its step with Clube de Regatas Flamengo. Because yes, DHS is connecting a giant of the sport with major national and international prizes. With great enthusiasm, the DHS team informs all that it has become the newest sponsor of the red-black team Flamengo Fut7.

The Fut 7 League is a tournament held by Futebol 7 Brasil and is among the leading and largest national soccer competitions. And as we are talking about power, one of Brazil's most carioca teams (from Rio de Janeiro) could not be left out of this excellent sporting outcome. Currently, Flamengo is the biggest champion of the tournament with three titles. It is worth remembering that the club that carries the colors black and red as a sacred mantle is also the greatest champion in the world, thus, a two-time world champion in men's and women's.

Dhahab Sports (DHS) vision today is to lead an upside of great magnitude, as sponsoring this competition is knowing that they are consolidating great partnerships with the growing expansion of the name Dhahab Sports (DHS) in the segment. Moreover, the pie hasn't even come close to growing, and DHS is already convinced of the prospected slice from the start. They know the journey is long but rewarding, so they must always be one step ahead to get fast and intense action.

Folks, there is no more incredible initiative to be encouraged than a sport; the return always comes. But more than that, Dhahab Sports (DHS) knows that supporting sport also invests in the quality of life of future generations of children and young people. In addition, sports inspire harmony between fans and people. Dhahab (DHS) and Clube de Regatas Flamengo is the partnership that was missing for DHS to enter this national and international scene crowned by one of the largest in Brazil and the world.

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You can't stay out, can you? Supporting women's sports is one of the decade's challenges because it can generate inclusion and add values such as companionship, respect, good life practices, and visibility. On the other hand, men's football, marked by the tradition of contributing to local and regional development, is also an asset that needs to be increasingly encouraged to provide children and young people with the opportunity to make their dreams come true outside and inside of the four lines.

DHS already has significant assets in managing the careers of aspirant young soccer players and top athletes in other sports. Come with DHS to participate, encourage and be among the best practices in the world of sport. To learn more, visit the Dhahab Sports website at https://dhahabsports.com/ and the Clube de Regatas Flamengo website at https://www.flamengo.com.br/noticias/fut7.

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