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NFT Stars (NFTS) News

Steve Harvey NFTs

Steve Harvey Sells NFT for Donation


Famous humorist, TV show host Steve Harvey is introducing a new set of NFTs with the purpose to direct the sum to Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. He also announced holding Bitcoin and Ether. The star presented his first 3 NFTs on the platform Rarible on May 14. They were in the form of...

Rick and Morty creator NFTs

Fox and Rick & Morty Creator to Present Animated NFT Series


The American television network Fox Broadcasting together with Rick & Morty co-author Dan Harmon revealed developing the first animated series in history curated completely on the blockchain. On May 17, the company's press release site Fox Flash issued a new post, introducing an Upfront...

Cara Delevigne NFT

Cara Delevingne Introduces Her First NFT "Mine"


Supermodel, movie star and singer Cara Delevingne have worked together with unknown artist Chemical X to represent her first NFT. The token is called "Mine" and it is in the form of a video. Delevingne said, the collectible aims to point out that everybody is unique and beautiful. ...

eBay allows NFT selling

eBay Becomes the First E-Commerce Firm to Enable NFT Sales


Popular electronic purchase firm eBay started allowing NFT trading on its platform thus becoming the first online shop to do so. eBay said it will provide the option of selling NFTs for collectibles like videoclips, pictures, or trading-cards. Senior VP and general manager of eBay's North American...

UFC trademarks for crypto

UFC Submitted Several Crypto-Related Trademark Applications


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has submitted two papers with the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) for crypto products. Josh Gerben, trademark attorney and founder of law firm Gerben Perrott announced the news on Twitter. The UFC has filed several new trademark applications...

NFTs Nirvana

Nirvana's Last Photo Shoot will be Auctioned as NFT


NFTs representing the last photo session of the immortal rock group Nirvana and lead singer Kurt Cobain will be launched next week. (1/9) Today I’m proud to announce my first NFT drop of iconic images from my photoshoot of Kurt Cobain in 1993. The images, some of which have never before been...

JUST NFT Fund Picasso Artwork

JUST NFT Fund to NFTize an Artwork by Pablo Picasso


Tron network founder Justin Sun revealed launching the world's first Picasso NFT on the JUST NFT Fund. (1/3)📢 I am thrilled to announce that Pablo Picasso’s artwork has been NFTized for the first time ever by JUST NFT Fund.— Justin Sun 🅣🌞...

Eminem NFT

Eminem Auctions His NFTs on Nifty Gateway


On April 25 famous rapper, Grammy, and Oscar winner Eminem issued his first NFTs. The collectibles are on sale on the platform owned by Gemini, Nifty Gateway. There are represented three types of NFTs, which are in the form of animation accompanied by an original beat performed by Eminem. The...

NFTs and science

Harvard Professor to Present His Genetic Code As An NFT


Professor of genetics George Church announced he will auction an NFT representing his genetic code. The Ph.D. is going to introduce his genome in sequence through artistic representations. In 2018 Church together with Dennis Grishin co-founded the blockchain-powered establishment Nebula Genomics,...

NFT in the form of a gray pixel

One Pixel of Digital Art Sold for over $1.36 M


Interest in non-fungible tokens is growing. At the same time, some record-breaking purchases surprise many. Recently an artwork from digital artist Pak, that represented just a separate gray pixel, was sold for $1.36 M on the platform of Nifty Gateway with Sotheby’s auction house management....

NYSE to launch NFTs

New York Stock Exchange Introduced Its First NFTs


The world's largest stock exchange NYSE informed about the launching of “First Trade” NFTs symbolizing the first purchases of Unity, Coupang, Snowflake, Spotify, Roblox, and DoorDash. On its website the company noted that the number of NFTs will increase over time. 1/6: It’s a major...

The Undertaker NFT

WWE Is Launching The UnderTaker NFTs


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is going to launch its first non-fungible tokens in history. The NFTs will represent the most exciting minutes of retired wrestling star William Calaway otherwise known as The Undertaker. WWE revealed the news on Twitter on April 9 ahead of the major annual event...

Coinbase NFTs music

Coinbase CEO Releases Musical NFTs Composed With DJ Davi


Brian Armstrong, the chief executive officer of the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase disclosed his plans of launching an electro musical collection in the form of NFTs. He produced them with David Khanjian otherwise called DJ Davi. The entrepreneur revealed the news via a tweet on April 7. ...

The Weeknd NFT song

The Weeknd Tells More Details About His NFT


Performer, songwriter, and record producer the Weeknd revealed introducing his first NFT on the digital art platform Nifty Gateway on April 2. The sale is planned to begin at 2 PM EST. Excited to announce that my first NFT drop is taking place on Saturday at 2:00 pm EST on @niftygateway. The...

Enjin Polkadot NFTs

Enjin Launches Polkadot-Powered Blockchain for NFTs


Video game community and creation protocol Enjin has gathered $18.9 M to bring out an innovative blockchain on Polkadot, created for Non-Fungible Tokens. In a blog post, issued on March 31, the team presented the blockchain Efinity. Enjin boosted nearly $19 M to support the project in the...