GameStop Will Present Its NFT Platform

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GameStop NFT platform

GameStop, an American retailer that sells games, consoles, and other electronics is on the way to present its NFT platform.

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The company is carrying out design and development processes. There is already a lending page on the website.

GameStop announced building a team and therefore hiring developers, designers, marketers, and other specialists.

There is no much information about the upcoming project. However, as can be assumed by the Ethereum image on the website's page the NFT network will use Ethereum as a technology base.

Currently, the website introduces a game on Anon, which is a cryptocurrency delivering privacy and governing features. The coin aims to build upon BTC and other cryptocurrency technologies.

This means that NFTs built by GameStop will use the ERC721 standard. Interest in NFTs keeps rising. Recently, Formula 1 racing champion Honda has partnered with blockchain platform Tezos to launch a line of collectible non-fungible tokens.