UFC Submitted Several Crypto-Related Trademark Applications

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UFC trademarks for crypto

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has submitted two papers with the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) for crypto products. Josh Gerben, trademark attorney and founder of law firm Gerben Perrott announced the news on Twitter.

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One of the applications is for the release of UFC-branded cryptocurrency. The other one is for an application through which users will be able to operate with cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Last month, UFC heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou sold his NFT for $581,038.88 on the NFT marketplace MakersPlace. It's worth mentioning that his income for the fight against Stipe Miocic was $500.000, with a sponsorship bonus of $30.000.

Use cases of NFTs have been expanding. They are non-fungible unique tokens running on the blockchain. Companies and people representing different industries and spheres have joined the NFT boom.

The sports sector has also been actively involved. NBA, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), UFC, and other big names have introduced their projects.