Eminem Auctions His NFTs on Nifty Gateway

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Eminem NFT

On April 25 famous rapper, Grammy, and Oscar winner Eminem issued his first NFTs. The collectibles are on sale on the platform owned by Gemini, Nifty Gateway.

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There are represented three types of NFTs, which are in the form of animation accompanied by an original beat performed by Eminem. The sale was managed for 50 editions of “TOOLS OF THE TRADE” and “STILL D.G.A.F.”. A single unit's cost was $5.000. Both of the collectibles met their buyers very fast.

The third NFT called "STAN'S REVENGE," is a one-edition, and the interested buyer who makes the highest bid will acquire it.

Talking about the move, Eminem said he has been interested in collecting since childhood. He mentioned gathering different things such as comic books, toys, and every rap album on cassette that he was able to. The rapper stated nothing has changed for him as a grown-up. So, he tried to recover some of the collections from then. Then he was thinking to release a single NFT or a set and the rapper says the process is a lot of fun.