Marvel NFTs Will Be Introduced On the Veve App

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Marvel NFTs

One of the world's most prominent entertainments, Marvel LLC, announced launching NFTs.

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They will enable users to get collectibles, comic books, and other products running on blockchain technology.

For the initiative, Marvel partners with Orbis Blockchain Technologies, a digital collectibles establishment conducting the app-based platform, VeVe. The issuance date isn't known yet. In the blog post released by Marvel, it is mentioned the NFTs are expected in the following months.

Fans will be able to trade VeVe’s in-built currency Gems to acquire or sell Marvel's NFTs.

In March, VeVe revealed its plans to turn into the primary carbon-neutral NFT network, aiming to offset its entire carbon footprint caused by the NFT minting. The company said the first step would be to offset the carbon influence by trading credits corresponding to the extents of CO2 used in the NFT production.

Another American comic book company, DC Comics, released superhero NFTs on VeVe this spring.