Steve Harvey Sells NFT for Donation

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Steve Harvey NFTs

Famous humorist, TV show host Steve Harvey is introducing a new set of NFTs with the purpose to direct the sum to Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

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He also announced holding Bitcoin and Ether.

The star presented his first 3 NFTs on the platform Rarible on May 14. They were in the form of Harvey's childhood home (112 issues), his digital signature (3 issues), and the tie featured in the NFT signed by Harvey (single issue).

Harvey explained his interest in NFTs saying that as a boy growing up in Ohio city Cleveland, he didn't have the newest items, but has always been keen on learning.

Steve Harvey said that being engaged in business taught him that there is constantly something new to build and put money in.

The entertainer said it's the reason why he's excited about NFTs. Harvey added that NFTs present a possibility to return through the Foundation at the same time spreading knowledge about the new technology.”

More and more celebrities have been showing interest in NFTs. Recently, Black Eyed Peas member has released his NFTs on the Portion marketplace.