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Latest Blockchain and Crypto News

Crypto billionaires

12 Names Related to Crypto Are in the Forbes List


The well-known magazine Forbes lately brought out 2021 annual rankings of the most affluent individuals worldwide. The names are issued every year in March. In 2021 the mark surged to a record of 2,755 which is 600 more than that of the previous year. Forbes' research shows the number of names...

Hester Peirce

Hester Peirce calls Bitcoin to ban discussion nonsense


Efforts by governments to ban bitcoin trading will require shutting down the internet. This opinion was presented by the Commissioner of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Hester Peirce in a podcast organized by MarketWatch. “We have passed the right moment to ban bitcoin in the US....

Digital Dollar

Novogratz: "US must quicken development of digital dollar"


Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz is known for more than just Bitcoin. He has also previously called on the US government to accelerate the development of a digital version of the dollar and introduce crypto regulation. The billionaire once again expressed his position at the end of this week. He...

HSBC MicroStrategy

HSBC Bans Trading MicroStrategy Stocks for BTC Investments


British international banking and financial services provider HSBC informed the customers about the change of its policy concerning virtual currencies and relevant products. Therefore, MicroStrategy is viewed as one of them and is banned on the institution's online trading platform — HSBC...

Eth BNB all time high

Eth and BNB Reached New All-Time Highs


Almost all of the top cryptocurrencies have seen a price increase in recent days. Bitcoin has gone up to $60.000. Eth and Binance Coin set record highs: $2.200 and $485 respectively. The total crypto market cap stands at above 2.06 trillion. Besides, the top three cryptocurrencies by market cap,...


Fidelity believes institutional adoption of BTC will proceed


In the coming years, we will see institutional adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) go mainstream. This point of view is shared by Tom Jessop of Fidelity. The top manager is confident that the majority of large investors are already changing their attitude towards BTC and other digital currencies. Changing...

Riot blockchain deal

Riot Blockchain to Purchase Whinstone for $651 M


The US-based BTC mining entity Riot blockchain signed a $651 M trade of the mining hosting provider firm Whinstone. As noted in the press release published on April 8, Riot has signed a paper with Whinstone to obtain all of its assets and services. For the deal, the company agreed to pay $80 M...

The Undertaker NFT

WWE Is Launching The UnderTaker NFTs


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is going to launch its first non-fungible tokens in history. The NFTs will represent the most exciting minutes of retired wrestling star William Calaway otherwise known as The Undertaker. WWE revealed the news on Twitter on April 9 ahead of the major annual event...


Japan urges regulators to form a unified legal core for CBDC


Japan is on the list of those states whose central banks plan to issue national cryptos (CBDC) in the coming years. In early April, the Bank of Japan launched the first round of digital yen testing. It will end by early March 2022. During the second stage of testing, the regulator plans to involve...

Robinhood crypto

Robinhood Announced 9.5 M Clients Purchased Crypto in Q1


On April 8, trading operations provider Robinhood published a blog post announcing that in the Q1 of 2021 the number of customers of its crypto trading service reached 9.5 million. In the last quarter of the previous year, this number was 1.7 million. In March the company said that since the...

Meitu Bitcoin investment

Technology Company Meitu Made Another BTC Investment


China-based software company Meitu that presents the popular photo editing app, announced an additional $10 M investment in Bitcoin. The firm acquired 175.6 coins on April 8, thus making the total number of its BTC holdings 940. Overall, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed firm now holds $100 M...


Kraken will try to attract investments in the stock market


Coinbase plans to list on the Nasdaq this month. Before entering the market, the crypto company reported very good financial performance. As the CNBC channel clarifies, a company representing the cryptocurrency industry may soon enter the stock market. Kraken CEO Jesse Powell spoke about plans to...


Playboy will list archived photos as NFT for sale


American men's magazine Playboy will auction a collection of photographs in non-fungible token format (NFT). Bidding will take place at the Nifty Gateway marketplace. The first lot will include a collection of works by artist Mike Parisella, based on archival images from Playboy magazine. In June...


Sweden has ended the 1st stage of testing the digital krona


Sweden is on the list of those states that want to launch a national digital currency (CBDC) soon. The kingdom's central bank announced this week that the first phase of testing the digital krona has been completed successfully. During the tests, experts from the Central Bank discovered several...

State Street crypto

State Street to Integrate Crypto Purchases on Its Platform


Boston-based leading international financial services provider State Street unlocks crypto purchase function on its network. Particularly, the institution partnered with Puremarkets to offer the option on the Currenex platform. Pure Digital is building an over-the-counter (OTC) crypto exchange...

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs predicted evolution of the crypto market


The current regulation of the cryptocurrency industry limits the ability of banks to work with digital assets, but this will change over time. This was announced by the CEO of the investment bank Goldman Sachs David Solomon on the air of CNBC. According to him, the crypto market will continue to...

Bitcoin crime attempt

Man Sentenced for Trying to Buy a Deadly Substance With BTC


A man from Missouri has been given 12 years in jail for attempts to buy a poisonous chemical. He wanted to use BTC for the trade and kill the woman who broke up with him. The 46-years old accused Jason William Siesser pleaded guilty on 4 August 2020 for two crimes: one for trying to obtain a...

Changpeng Zhao

Binance CEO stores almost 100% of assets in cryptocurrency


The head of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, Changpeng Zhao, holds almost 100% of his assets in cryptocurrency. “I'm one of those guys who value ​​liquidity much more than owning something. I prefer not to own anything at all,” Zhao said in an interview on Wednesday, April 7th. When...

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