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ConsenSys raised $200 million at an estimate of $3.2 billion


ConsenSys, a specialist in solutions for the Ethereum ecosystem, has closed a $ 200 million funding round. Investors including HSBC, Marshall Wace, and Coinbase Ventures have valued it at $ 3.2 billion. The company will use the funds raised to develop the Infura infrastructure platform and the...

India crypto Narendra Modi

Democratic Nations Must Work on Crypto Together: India's PM


Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi tweeted about the crypto sphere saying democratic nations must team up to work on the industry together, and make sure that crypto doesn't appear in the wrong hands. Otherwise, it will spoil the youth, the politician wrote. Modi expressed his opinion during... Coin Grows, CRO Hits a New All-Time High


Surging by over 72% in the last 7 days, the native token of the decentralized protocol Chain, CRO reached a new all-time high of $0.59. The company standing behind the development of the chain is the financial services company CRO managed to set a new record while prices of...


China to begin to fine state-owned companies continuing BTC mining


The government of the People's Republic of China intends to impose harsh penalties on government agencies that continue to mine digital assets in the short term. The authorities want to speed up the process of the complete eradication of cryptocurrencies from all areas of activity. As of today, the...

Ripple XRP crypto regulations vision

Ripple Released Its Approach to Crypto Regulation


Blockchain-based payment protocol that developed the XRP coin, Ripple, published its vision of how the crypto industry must be regulated. The team sees the necessity to build a new regulatory system. In the release titled "A Real Approach to Cryptocurrency Regulation", the firm says the...


Israel introduced compulsory licensing of crypto companies


The Israeli authorities have decided to tighten control over companies representing the cryptocurrency industry. Local startups and bitcoin exchanges are required to obtain a license granting the right to operate on the domestic market. Such enterprises must be registered in a special state...

Miramax Quentin Tarantino

Miramax Sued Tarantino For Planning Pulp Fiction NFTs


Film and television studio Miramax brought a lawsuit against Quentin Tarantino over his intentions to sell Pulp Fiction-based NFTs. The filing was submitted to the federal court of LA. Per the document, Miramax sent a warning letter to Tarantino, to which the director's lawyer answered he had...


Whales are guided by long-term storage of ether


Over the past few months, investors have been withdrawing Ether (ETH) from cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, the outflow is observed both from retail traders and large holders of altcoins. Whales have been sending Ether for offline storage since January 2021. However, a sharp decline in the...

The Sandbox SAND all time high

SAND Reached New ATH Before the Launch of Sandbox Alpha


SAND, the native crypto of the crypto gaming network The Sandbox, hit a new all-time high of $3.61. It is an ERC 20 token used for transactions, staking, and governance, launched in August 2020. As for the Sandbox platform, its launch took place in May 2012. The game, owned by blockchain...


Zhao about the results of Binance's cooperation with regulators


Against the background of tightening KYC requirements, the Bitcoin exchange Binance has lost only 3% of users, and cooperation with regulators is already bearing fruit. The head of the company Changpeng Zhao spoke about this in an interview. Binance bought back an ad in the Financial Times this...

Avalanche Deloitte partnership

Deloitte and Avalanche Build Disaster Recovery Platform


Leading international financial services provider Deloitte built a partnership with Ava Labs to use the Avalanche blockchain for its new disaster recovery platform "Close As You Go" (CAYG). The project will help the government to manage federal emergency funding more effectively. ...


Allianz economist of making money on BTC and reasons for selling it


Allianz Asset Manager's Chief Economist Mohamed El-Erian was able to make money on Bitcoin after the 2018 crypto winter but sold the coins too early. According to the economist, he acquired a certain amount of bitcoins during the 2018 crypto winter, when the price of the coin dropped to almost $...

Twitter CFO crypto

Twitter CFO Says the Firm Now Prefers Securities Over Crypto


In a Monday interview, Twitter’s top financial manager Ned Segal said that at the moment the firm doesn't find it beneficial to invest corporate capital in BTC or other crypto. As the CFO says, instead of investing in volatile currencies, Twitter needs to add more stable assets like securities to...

Joe Biden signed infrastructure bill

President Biden Signed the Infrastructure Bill


The US president Joe Biden signed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that includes crypto regulation rules. According to the new law, digital currency transactions exceeding $10.000, must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. The bill was first introduced in August this year, stating that...


Marathon raises $500M to buy Bitcoin and ASIC devices


Marathon Digital Holdings, a mining company, listed on the Nasdaq, will place convertible bonds with a par value of $ 500 million. The received funding will go towards the purchase of bitcoin and equipment for its production. Debt instruments maturing on December 1, 2026, will be offered to...

Shiba Inu AMC Theatres

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Will be Accepted at AMC Theatres


Chairman and CEO of AMC Theatres, Adam Aron announced that in 60-120 days, visitors will be able to pay for tickets and concessions via Shiba Inu (SHIB). The executive said that crypto payment service provider BitPay agreed to support the token meeting his request. Attention #SHIBArmy: Our friends...


Paradigm launches venture fund to invest in crypto projects


Investment firm Paradigm has announced the launch of a new $ 2.5 billion venture fund to support "next-generation" cryptocurrency projects. The company called cryptocurrencies "the most exciting technology frontier." Digital assets have come a long way over the past decade,...

Bitcoin Ethereum crypto prices

Crypto Prices Fall, Market Cap Drops at $2.5 Trillion


In the last 24 hours, the total crypto market cap went down by around 10%. At the moment, the indicator stands at about $2.5 trillion. Bitcoin went down by about 7%, hitting $60.500, and Ether declined by 8%, hitting $4.300. The picture is almost the same for Binance Coin (BNB), Solana (SOL),...

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