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Cathie Wood Ark Invest

Cathie Wood's Ark Invest to Drop PayPal for CashApp


Florida-based investment management firm Ark Invest’s CEO and CIO Cathie Wood announced dropping all of the company's PayPal holdings for Cash App. She talked about the news at Bitcoin 2022. Cash App owned by Block relies on Lightning Network, a layer 2 solution for BTC payments to make...

Blockstream block tesla

Tesla’s Tech Will Be Used for Block & Blockstream BTC Mining


Leading blockchain infrastructure builder Blockstream and financial services provider Block (previously Square) will build a facility in Texas for mining Bitcoin using Tesla's solar and storage technology. Adam Back, Blockstream's co-founder, and CEO unveiled the news at Bitcoin 2022. Together with...


Kraken announced the closure of the headquarters in San Francisco


Popular digital asset trading platform Kraken has officially announced the closure of its San Francisco headquarters. The CEO of the exchange, Jesse Powell, wrote about this on his Twitter account. Among the main reasons that served as such a radical decision is the fear of Kraken management for...


Frax Finance will create a reserve crypto fund similar to Terra


Algorithmic stablecoin platform Frax Finance plans to purchase "billions of dollars worth" of tokens to create a reserve fund for the FRAX algorithmic stablecoin. The founder of the project, Sam Kazemyan, told The Block about this. The FRAX stablecoin is backed by the native token of the...

Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy CEO Supports Joe Biden's Crypto Decree


US President Joe Biden signed a decree on the need to regulate the cryptocurrency market. This document will become a milestone and will stimulate the development of the blockchain industry, says Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy. He attended the Miami Bitcoin Conference, which brought together...

Strike Shopify Bitcoin

Shopify and Strike Partner to Enable BTC Payments


Jack Mallers, the Chief Executive Officer of the payments provider Strike, which is developed on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, disclosed an integration with the popular e-commerce firm Shopify. While announcing the news at Bitcoin 2022, Mallers mentioned that the tech allows innovative and peer to...

Jack dorsey

NFT of Jack Dorsey's first tweet put up for sale for $48M


Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey's first tweet in the form of an NFT was posted on OpenSea for 14,969 ETH. Its owner, Bridge Oracle founder Sina Estavi, intends to donate at least $25 million to charity if sold. Estavi can earn at least 1555%. At the time of writing, no users have applied to purchase....

Terra Avalanche

Terra Powered By Luna Revealed a Purchase of $200 M in AVAX


The Terra protocol team revealed a collaboration with Avalanche and the purchase of AVAX coins. Terraform Labs bought $100 M in AVAX for Treasury Swap of LUNA and AVAX to boost various activities. Along with this, the Luna Foundation Guard bought $100 M in AVAX with UST stablecoins. AVAX is now the...

Peter Thiel Bitcoin 2022

Peter Thiel Mentioned Names of Bitcoin Enemies


At Bitcoin 2022 held in Miami, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel enumerated the names of the popular executives that are the main Bitcoin enemies. Thiel accused some of the financial figures of attempting to stop the cryptocurrency and surpass what has become a powerful movement. Well-known investor...


OpenSea Adds Support for Solana-Based NFTs


The OpenSea marketplace has integrated support for Solana NFTs released on the blockchain in beta mode with “limited collection coverage.” At the end of March, the team promised to start the process with Nyan Heroes and Turtles. Currently, OpenSea supports 865,000 tokens from 165 NFT...

Central bank

The Swedish CB will test the digital krona through smart contracts


In April 2021, the Bank of Sweden announced the completion of the first phase of testing the digital version of the krona. In a statement, the regulator noted that technical problems arose during the tests, but in general, they were successful. Last Wednesday, the central bank of this northern...

WeChat digital yuan

WeChat Added Support for Digital Yuan


Messaging and social media app WeChat, developed by the tech company Tencent and having over 1 bln users, started the support for China's official digital currency, the electronic yuan. A report by the media hub, TechNode, says that the function is available in 23 regions, including Beijing,...


Georgia plans to legalize digital currencies


The Georgian authorities have been refusing to recognize cryptocurrencies as a payment instrument over the past few years. Back in mid-2019, a law on the taxation of miners and traders began to operate in the country. At the same time, plans appeared to create an infrastructure in Georgia for...

Meta tokens tech

Meta Plans to Launch Its Virtual Currency "Zuck Bucks"


Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta plans to launch virtual currencies in its app after the stablecoin project Diem shut down, not getting the approval of financial regulators. While competition between social media platforms increases, Meta is looking for alternative revenue sources and new...

Terra Do Kwon UST

Terraform Labs Bought $230 M Worth of Bitcoin


Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon, announced buying another 5000 Bitcoins for $230 M. Terraform stands behind the development of the Terra blockchain, which is powered by the UST stablecoin and the LUNA coin. At the time of buying, the BTC price was around $46,000. Last month, Do Kwon revealed that...


Hodlers increased their holdings in Cardano since the start of 2022


Altcoin Cardano (ADA) has fallen 3% to $1.15 over the past week. ADA is ranked ninth in the ranking of the largest digital currencies. All categories of investors, including the so-called whales, took advantage of the recent fall in the value of the altcoin. The addresses of such cryptocurrency...

PayMaya crypto

Philippine Financial Services PayMaya Enables Crypto Trading


Philippines-based digital payments company PayMaya launched a crypto feature, that enables buying, selling, and earning digital assets via the app. The app is expanding its services to make crypto more accessible to the public. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Philippines (Bangko Sentral...

SOPR index

The growth of the SOPR index signals an imminent trend change


The SOPR index serves as a benchmark for many traders who analyze the situation in the crypto market. When this indicator exceeds one, it means that most investors are selling bitcoins for a profit. If SOPR falls below one, then this means that the implementation of the cryptocurrency occurs mainly...

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