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Vitalik Buterin EIP 4488

Vitalik Buterin Proposes a Solution for High Gas Fees


The Ethereum blockchain protocol faces issues of scalability and high costs. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the ecosystem proposed a new way to face the challenges. Recently, he introduced the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4488, which suggests decreasing transaction calldata gas price and...


Singapore-regulated company launches two Bitcoin funds


Singapore-based MAS-regulated finance company Fintonia Group has launched two institutional-grade bitcoin funds. Fintonia Bitcoin Physical Fund and Fintonia Secured Yield Fund are for professional investors looking for opportunities to interact with a new asset class. The Bitcoin Physical Fund buys...

El Salvador purchases more Bitcoins

El Salvador Adds 100 More Bitcoins Amid the Market Fall


While prices of cryptocurrencies saw a decline yesterday, investors are considering buying more crypto with discount. On Nov. 16, the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele informed followers that the country purchased 100 extra Bitcoins. The previous purchase was on October 28, when El Salvador...


SEC will discuss options for legalizing cryptosphere with experts


Next week on December 2, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plans to hold talks with representatives of the expert community on the regulation of the digital currency market. The statement of the American regulator notes that in addition to the legalization of cryptocurrencies, the SEC...

Bank of England governor

UK CB’s Governor Is Concerned About El Salvador’s BTC Policy


Andrew Bailey, the governor of the Bank of England expressed concerns related to El Salvador's Bitcoin legalization. According to a report by Bloomberg, during the Cambridge University student union on November 25, the governor said he is worried that El Salvador would choose Bitcoin as its...


CB of Canada sees no threat to the economy from cryptos


The Bank of Canada believes that no threats to the state's economy come from cryptocurrency. The position of the regulator was announced by its official representative Paul Baudry. The share of crypto payments is so low that their impact on the financial sector is hardly felt. However, the official...

China ban news platforms

Chinese Ban Expands to Crypto News Portals


China is decisive to eliminate the exposure of Chinese residents to cryptocurrencies. The authorities didn't overlook news outlets and mining pools. Recently, major crypto media provider Chainnews, founded in 2017, announced shutting down. The editor-in-chief informed about the decision in his...


Japanese banks will take part in digital yen testing


Back in July, some details of the project to create the Japanese digital currency (CBDC) became known. The CBDC concept is going to be formed in 2022. This week, Japanese media reported that about 70 companies and banks are planning to participate in the development and testing of the token. An...

Bitcoin cryptocurrencies fall

Bitcoin Price Hits a 6-Week Low


BTC price trades at its lowest price since mid-October. In the last 24 hours, the coin dropped by around 6%, falling below $55.000. Ether trades at about $4.000. Other cryptocurrencies such as Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), XRP, Polkadot (DOT), Avalanche (AVAX) also saw major value declines. The...


First Australian pension fund decides to invest in crypto


There are a growing number of pension funds around the world that have included digital currencies in their portfolio. The first Australian fund decided to follow the path of similar financial structures from other countries. Rest Super fund manages $ 46.8 billion in assets and serves 1.8 million...

Basic Attention Token GALA

Basic Attention Token and GALA Reach New ATHs


The popularity of different types of decentralized platforms grows. Today, the native token of the digital advertising environment Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Gala Games' GALA reached new all-time highs of $1.85 and $0.8367 respectively on CoinMarketCap. BAT is the native crypto of the...


Whales control over 90% of the exchange balance of bitcoin


Turbulence returns to the crypto market after each spike in the activity of large bitcoin addresses or so-called whales. According to Santiment, wallets holding between 100 and 10,000 BTC triggered an escalation in volatility last week. Recall that the price of bitcoin on some trading floors fell...

Germany crypto

German Chancellor-elect Olaf Scholz Issues Crypto Warning


Olaf Scholz, the newly elected Chancellor of Germany issued a serious warning on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. According to an article published by Forbes, Scholz compared the growth of the crypto market to the 17th-century tulip mania of Holland. At the time, the value of tulip bulbs was extremely...


Indian government offers crypto cooperation to democratic countries


Today India is one of the few countries that intend to work with cryptocurrencies in the long term. The government of this state has been going for a long time to create a regulatory framework for digital currencies and recognize them as a separate class of assets. Recently, the Indian authorities...

Adidas Originals Coinbase, The Sandbox

Adidas Originals Partners With Coinbase and The Sandbox


Germany-based leading sportswear manufacturer Adidas announced a partnership with Coinbase. A few days ago, on November 22, the company tweeted about the collaboration with the blockchain-powered virtual world the Sandbox, writing about creating an "adiVerse" and what users and the...

Bank of England

Bank of England Supports Global CBDC Concept


Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are the instruments of our future to bring about a global financial revolution. This point of view is shared by the management of the Bank of England. Deputy Head of the Central Bank John Cunliffe, during his speech at the Parliamentary Committee on Economic...

NFT as a word of 2021

The Word of 2021 Is “NFT”, per the Collins Dictionary


The Collins English Dictionary presented its ten selected words for the year. The release starts with the definition of NFT, saying that it is the Word 2021. It's one of the three tech-related terms on the list, with the other two being crypto and metaverse. In the release, published by Collins,...

Mr. Goxx

Mr. Goxx, a cryptotrader hamster, died


On Monday, November 22, a crypto trader hamster named Mr. Goxx (real name - Max) died. “It is with deep sorrow that we must announce the loss of our beloved furry friend,” they wrote. The rodent showed no signs of serious illness, they said, but suddenly quit eating and fell asleep calmly on...

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