Kiyosaki Says It's Time to Get Into Crypto Before Markets Crash

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Robert Kiyosaki cryptocurrencies

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad," says it’s the time to join the crypto space as the biggest economic crash in history is expected. He told “Rich Dad Community” mailing list subscribers that we're going to see a catastrophic market collapse, and we need to buy cryptos before they take over USD and revolutionize the financial system entirely.

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The author predicted a long-term downturn, at the same time reiterating his opinion that bear markets are the best times for investors to buy assets at discount and make large returns.

Kiyosaki predicted that the US dollar would crash the current economic system and lead to mainstream adoption of crypto because it isn't controlled by the government.

Kiyosaki finds that the policies of the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are destroying the US dollar.