Jamie Dimon again criticized bitcoin

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Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has been critical of bitcoin and other digital currencies over the past few years.

The day before, during a speech in Congress, the banker confirmed his negative attitude towards the innovative tool.

At the same time, Dimon acknowledged that stablecoins backed by the US dollar or other fiat currency could be used in transactions. In addition, JPMorgan is actively using blockchain technologies.

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The financier emphasized: "I am a big skeptic about cryptocurrencies that you call currency like bitcoin. This is a decentralized financial pyramid."

The US authorities have already prepared a bill to regulate stablecoins. The initiator of the adoption of such a document is the head of the Committee of the House of Representatives on Financial Services Maxine Waters.

The country's authorities want to ban the use of algorithmic stablecoins. This decision was made in connection with the recent collapse of the Terra ecosystem and its UST token.