The Irish became less interested in cryptocurrencies

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The Irish authorities have a negative attitude towards digital currencies and urge citizens not to invest in such instruments. The head of the Central Bank Dervill Rowland warned compatriots that buying bitcoin is fraught with great risks.

According to Finder, the share of cryptocurrency investors has noticeably decreased in the country over the past 12 months.

In a survey of Internet users, researchers found that only 10% of Irish residents own digital currencies. Last year this figure was 12%.

Finder analyst James Edwards believes that the fall in the value of digital currencies has negatively affected the attractiveness of the cryptosphere.

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He noted: "We saw bitcoin prices fall more in May and June, and after that, we recorded a decrease in the number of people owning cryptocurrencies. But the fall was not as serious as expected."

According to the expert, the decline in the share of crypto investors in Ireland is temporary. The number of virtual coin holders will increase after the market recovers.

Of those Irish who have already purchased digital currencies, 72% are men, according to Finder, but the number of women investing in bitcoin is also on the rise.