Bitcoin mining difficulty increased by 9% at once

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As a result of the next recalculation, the difficulty of mining the first cryptocurrency increased by 9.26%, to 30.97 T.

In the approximately two-week period between the latest metric adjustments, the average network hashrate was 221 EH/s.

According to Glassnode, network computing power (smoothed by a seven-day moving average) reached 222.3 EH/s as of August 30th. The figure is gradually returning to levels near the peak value of June 11 (231 EH/s).

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Foundry USA continues to hold the lead among mining pools in terms of the share of bitcoin hashrate - 23.25%. It is followed by F2Pool (16.42%) and AntPool (13.43%) affiliated with Bitmain.

The daily income of miners has been hovering around $20 million since mid-June. In total, for the first month of summer, the figure was $668 million, which is 26% less than in May. In July, revenue fell another 9% to $609.7 million.

In June, large public miners sold a total of around 14,600 BTC, representing 23% of their total holdings in the first cryptocurrency. In July, the trend continued as companies liquidated 5,767.9 BTC for total mining of 3,478 BTC.