How Much Does an Axie Cost? How Can I Get It?

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The cost of Axie Infinity is something that a lot of people are curious about, if Google searches are anything to go by.

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn (NFT) game that has a game design that is comparable to that of Pokémon GO and was launched in December 2020. Since that time, the value of the AXS cryptocurrency token, which is connected to the project, has skyrocketed by 16,690%.

The Axie Infinity cryptocurrency, abbreviated as AXS, can be used by players to purchase in-game items or to pay for additional gameplay time. People started wondering how much an Axie Infinity is because, after all, the token AXS reached a value much greater than what it was when it was first released, and it did so in a short period of time.


In order to have a full grasp of the value of Axie Infinity, it is necessary to have a better understanding of the overall setting of the game. Axie Infinity's native cryptocurrency has a price value of $13.34 as at 29th August, 2022.

The value might be different depending on the market, the trading volume, and the situation. When converted into Brazilian Reals using the currency pair AXS/BRL, the value of Axie Infinity stands at an average of 70.15 Brazilian Reals. In AXS/ETH pair, Axie costs around 0.009 Eth.

To put it another way, for people who are interested in knowing how much an Axie Infinity costs, just keep in mind that the cryptocurrency used in the game is extremely valuable!

Because of the enormous amount of interest shown in the video game not only in the US but all over the world, the Axie Infinity video game was one of the most talked about things in the year 2020 and 2021. A growing number of people are interested in learning how much an Axie Infinity costs, and professional players of NFT games estimate that it is worth the crypto value of AXS. It is possible to earn up to $830 every month by just playing Axie Infinity.

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Anyone who is inquisitive about how much it costs to play Axie Infinity should be aware that the initial investment is approximately $300 dollars to get started playing the game. Also, it is important to take into consideration the fact that in order to begin playing; you must be willing to spend a minimum of $100 to purchase three Axies.

It is an investment that is out of reach for most players who may have interest in entering the Axie Infinity universe. Be wary of any propositions that are less expensive than the value that is estimated to be required to acquire the three Axies on the market.

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Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals have taken advantage of the opportunity presented by the game to create phony wallets that are used for Axie Infinity-related financial transactions. One such example is the counterfeit Ronin Wallet. This is despite the fact that a great number of people are actively researching on how much it costs to play Axie Infinity, thus making them susceptible to falling for these scams.

The creators of Axie Infinity themselves have discussed the potential dangers of using untrusted online cryptocurrency wallets, including the possibility of losing money. While the official Axie Infinity app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, other wallets associated with the game may only be accessible through their respective websites. Keep an eye out! If you are interested in learning how much Axie Infinity costs, it is important to note that selecting Axies of a lower quality will result in an average investment of $750. You'll need at least $1000 to get started if you want to buy more advanced Axies. Keep in mind that the player has the ability to sell their Axies on the platform and make profits from doing so.

The high profit that can be made in such a short amount of time with both the AXS cryptocurrency and the player's gains with Axies is what brings a lot of attention to the game.


There are certain factors that determine how costly, or in crypto parlance, ‘how rare’ an Axie will be. These factors range from the body parts of an Axie to the stats and class of the Axie and most importantly, the fluctuation of the Ethereum price.

1. Breed Count: The breed count, also known as the number of times the Axie has reproduced offspring, is one factor in determining the value of the item. It's possible that you won't give much thought to this if you're a player whose main concern is winning competitions and accumulating SLP. Your Axie's count of bred offspring has no bearing on its performance in combat but definitely has an effect in its pricing or value.

2. Body Parts or Cards: The cards that an Axie has available to them in combat are determined by the various body parts that make up their character. When it comes to valuable Axies, this is the primary factor that determines their cost. Axies that contain rare and valuable combos of cards will sell for significantly more than other types of Axies because of their increased demand.

3. ETH Fluctuations: WETH, also known as a Ronin-wrapped Ethereum token, is the currency used to purchase AxIes. Since the price of WETH is a reflection of the price of ETH, the best time to buy Axies is when the price of ETH is dipping, and the worst time to buy Axies is when the price of ETH is when there's a brief pump.


You have to sign up for an account with a cryptocurrency exchange that deals in Axie Infinity tokens before you can buy the Axie Infinity token (AXS). After purchasing the tokens, you will also need a wallet in which to store them so that you do not lose them. Axies are mostly sold on the official marketplace of Axie Infinity.

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To buy Axie Infinity,

  • Deposit funds into your account on the exchange for the amount of AXS you need.
  • Buy AXS tokens after clicking the ‘buy’ order on the exchange.
  • Finish by confirming the tokens are in your wallet To purchase Axies from the official marketplace,
  • Register and log in on the official Axie Infinity marketplace.
  • Scan through the different Axies on display on the Home page.
  • Click on the type of Axie that you wish to purchase.
  • You can also choose to make bids for Axies that are on live auctions.
  • Make payment for the Axie by confirming the transfer from your wallet.
  • Confirm the transaction by checking if the Axie now appears in your ‘Collectibles’ part of your wallet.


Axie Infinity has been compared to Pokémon GO by those who see the game merely as a form of entertainment, despite the fact that there are players who compete professionally - e-sports athletes - and earn significant sums while playing.

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Thus, the fact that there’s an opportunity to win is very exciting. However, you need to be aware that there will be a requirement for an initial investment in order to form your team of ‘Axies’ before playing the game. Axie Infinity’s use of NFTs and distinct play-to-earn model truly sets it apart from others.