The number of bitcoin ATMs has grown by more than 500% in two years

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Crypto bankomat

2021 has become a breakthrough year for the cryptocurrency industry. It was at this time that the number of terminals for operations with digital currencies increased dramatically in the world. according to a report by CoinATMRadar.

In 2022, the pace of ATM installations slowed down as the industry came under heavy pressure from regulators. The fall of the crypto market also negatively affected the speed of launching bitcoin ATMs.

At the moment, BTC and altcoin holders are ready to serve 39,015 cryptomats, the lion's share of which is located in the US and Canada. Terminals are installed in 78 countries.

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Over the past two years, the number of cryptomats has increased by 513%. In January 2020, there were only 6,364 bitcoin ATMs in the world.

There are now 100% more businesses making and supporting these gadgets. At the moment, more than 15,000 businesses create the hardware and software for bitcoin ATMs.

34,301 of the 39,015 terminals—or 88% of the global market—are situated in the United States. In terms of the number of cryptomats, Canada, Spain, El Salvador, and the United Kingdom are all among the top five nations.