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Telefonica crypto payments

Spain's Top Telecom Company Now Accepts Crypto Payments


Spain's largest telecommunications company Telefónica enables purchases in Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies for its online tech marketplace Tu. To offer this option, the company partners with the cryptocurrency exchange Bit2Me. Telefónica also launched its NFT marketplace that operates...

Christine Lagarde cryptocurrencies

ECB President Concerned that Crypto Can Affect CBs Negatively


At an international conference held by the Banque de France, the president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde expressed her concerns about cryptocurrencies. She mentioned two main points regarding crypto assets in general. Lagarde says that the evolution of the industry was stormy as...

Colorado cryptocurrencies

Colorado Becomes the 1st US State to Allow Tax Payments in Crypto


Colorado becomes the first state in the USA that allows residents to use crypto for tax payments. Governor Jared Schutz Polis revealed the news at Denver Startup Week, saying that Colorado is showing again from a customer service point that it's technologically advanced and inclined to meet the...

Bitcoin Ether crypto

Bitcoin Fell Below $19,000 and Ether Below $1400 amid Inflation Fight


Governments all over the world continue to fight high inflation and financial markets remain uncertain. A new report by the World Bank predicts that global growth is slowing sharply and likely more countries will fall into recession. Cryptocurrency prices are down amid the current trends. The total...


Cryptocurrencies drop in price after successful Ethereum upgrade


The developers have successfully upgraded Ethereum, however, the network’s underlying asset, Ether (ETH), is reacting negatively to the Merge fork. The largest altcoin has fallen over 8% to $1459 in the last 24 hours. Every week, ETH's capitalization fell by almost 14% to $178.884 billion....

White House cryptocurrencies

White House Released a Report on Crypto Regulations


The Biden administration issued a framework on crypto regulations in the US. The report explores ways how the financial services industry should evolve to make borderless transactions easier and how to fight crypto crimes. It considers existing regulators like the SEC and the CFTC, but there isn't...

Robert Kiyosaki cryptocurrencies

Kiyosaki Says It's Time to Get Into Crypto Before Markets Crash


Robert Kiyosaki, the author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad," says it’s the time to join the crypto space as the biggest economic crash in history is expected. He told “Rich Dad Community” mailing list subscribers that we're going to see a catastrophic market collapse, and we need to buy...

Celsius crypto lending

Celsius Aims to Return Custody Clients' Funds


Celsius, a cryptocurrency lender which filed for bankruptcy nearly a month ago, filed a request to return custody holders' funds while implementing a restructure and resuming of its services. The paper says the company has about 58,300 users who made deposits of more than $210 M with custody and...

JPMorgan crypto opinion

JPMorgan Executive Views Most Crypto as Junk


The CEO of the JPMorgan's blockchain unit, Umar Farooq says except for a few dozen tokens, other cryptos are likely to disappear. He expressed this opinion during the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Green Shoots seminar on Monday. According to Farooq, the use cases of digital assets haven't...

Iran crypto imports

Iran Now Allows the Use of Crypto for Imports


Iranian government officially confirmed a regulations bill, which allows the use of cryptocurrencies as a means for payments in imports. A week ago, the Iranian Importers Association stressed the importance of a stable regulatory framework for cryptos. Earlier this month the country placed its...

BitBoy Atozy YouTube

BitBoy Crypto Sued Atozy, but Later Dropped the Lawsuit


Crypto Youtuber Ben Armstrong, who is also known as BitBoy Crypto, sued Erling Mengshoel (Atozy) over defamation claims. BitBoy later said they will drop the lawsuit as the processes have become public. The matter was over a video of BitBoy, where he talked about a certain token. Atozy found that...

Bank of Finland Crypto

Bank of Finland Governor Criticized Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrency prices are inflated by “monetary misconceptions” and conspiracy theories, while CBDCs are immune to volatility and can be trusted implicitly. This was stated by the head of the Central Bank of Finland, Olli Rehn. He added that some have joked that a CBDC is a solution looking...

ByBit Solana report

Solana Had Strong Growth Across GameFi and DAOs, Report Says


Crypto exchange ByBit released a report on the Solana blockchain and its growth in the second quarter of this year. The report says although Solana saw major challenges, including two outages, the network upgrades in late Q2 have shown notable improvements related to speed and reliability. In Q2...

Australia crypto regulations

Australia to Release Crypto Regulatory Framework Soon


The Australian government is developing regulations for the cryptocurrency sector. Treasurer Jim Chalmers announced that soon the country will introduce a public advisory paper on the subject. The framework called "token mapping" will be a priority to figure out which cryptos are used in...

Crypto liquidations

Around $560 M Crypto Positions Were Liquidated


Prices of cryptocurrencies started to decline again after a market rise for several days. In the last 7 days, Bitcoin dropped by 13.5% and now trades at around $21,200. Ether fell by 17% and trades at around $1,600. Global financial markets are unstable amid the growing inflation over the world. A...

Cyprus cryptocurrencies

Payment Company Revolut Gets Approval to Offer Crypto Services


London-based financial technology Revolut received approval from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission to provide cryptocurrency services in the European Economic Area (EEA). The regulator awarded Revolut the status of a crypto-asset service provider. It's the first such license granted by...

Iran import crypto

Iran Placed Its First Import Order in Crypto Worth $10 M


Iran announced its first official import in crypto. Deputy Minister of the country's Industry, Mine, and Trade, Alireza Peyman-Pak tweeted that the first import order registration worth $10 M was made. He also mentioned that by the end of the next month, the use of crypto and smart contracts will...

Wells Fargo crypto

Wells Fargo Says Crypto Can Be a Part of the Next Digital Era


International financial services company Wells Fargo released a new report on cryptocurrencies with the title "Understanding Cryptocurrency." The report says that crypto is a part of the digital revolution. Wells Fargo finds that cryptos could play an important role in the next digital...

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