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Glassnode Bitcoin Ethereum

Current Crypto Bear Market Is the Worst in History: Glassnode


Blockchain data intelligence platform Glassnode released a research piece that says 2022 has been the most significant bear market in the history of cryptocurrencies. Glassnode mentions that this year has been tough for BTC and Ether as valuations have been hitting hard and fast. It has been...

crypto lending Solend

Solend Canceled the Decision to Take Control Over Whale's Account


Solend, a decentralized lending protocol based on the Solana blockchain, recently voted to take control over a whale's account to mitigate risks related to liquidation. The network said if SOL drops and the whale gets liquidated, the platform may end up in debt. However, the next proposal...

Bitcoin Ether prices

Bitcoin Bounces Back to $20,000, Ether to $1,100


Most cryptos increased in price in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin and Ethereum gained around 10% and 15%, surpassing $20,000 and $1,100 respectively. The total crypto market cap increased by about 9% and currently stands at above $894 billion. Before the rally, on June 19, Bitcoin dropped below $18,000...

Vitalik Buterin crypto

Vitalik Buterin Doesn't Believe Cryptocurrencies Will Replace Fiat


At VivaTech 2022 Conference, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin predicted that fiat currencies will continue to be the dominant form of finance and not cryptocurrencies. He said it's unlikely for crypto to overtake traditional currencies. Despite some assumptions that the created global economy...

Fed interest rates crypto

Fed Raised Interest Rates By 3/4 Percentage Point, Crypto Responds


Global economies continues to face challenges of price pressures. To bring inflation back down in the US, the Federal Reserve announced raising interest rates. Chair Jerome Powell said in a public report on Wednesday that the Fed raised its policy rate by 3/4 percentage point, which is the highest...

crypto scams social media

Crypto Scams Caused over $1 B Losses Through Social Media


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a report on crypto scammers cashing in on the crypto craze. According to the analysis, Americans have lost over $1 bln to crypto scams since the beginning of 2021. Based on the reports, scammers widely use social media to realize their activities. Almost...

Cardano ADA price

Cardano ADA a Top Gainer of the Week


Over the last 24 hours, the total crypto market cap increased by around 3% and now stands at above $1.3 trillion. After nine consecutive weeks of losses, Bitcoin price went above $31,600 again. Ether trades at above $1960. The Cardano blockchain's ADA coin is among the biggest gainers of this week....

IMF crypto

IMF Executive Tells Not to Leave Crypto After Terra’s Crash


Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, finds that the collapse of Terra blockchain's UST stablecoin shouldn't be a reason to abandon the crypto market. At the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, she advised not to draw out the importance of the crypto...

Balenciaga crypto payments

Balenciaga Is Going to Support Payments in Bitcoin and Ether


Fashion house Balenciaga will provide the possibility to make payments in cryptos, particularly in Bitcoin and Eth. The brand's flagship stores in LA, New York, and its online store will support the option. Earlier this month Balenciaga released its NFT collection on the NFT marketplace of...

crypto market news

Crypto Decline Continues, Bitcoin Falls Below $28.000


Prices of cryptocurrencies continue to decline. Bitcoin dropped below $28,000 and currently trades at around $27.900. The lowest price was around $26,350. Bitcoin's market cap stands at above $529 billion. Ether trades at around $1,880. The total crypto market cap decreased by over 13% in the last...

Terra LUNA fall

LUNA Price Fell More Than 90%, Fluctuations Continue


The price of LUNA, the native governance coin of the Terra blockchain fell by more than 94% in the last seven days. Although, in general, the crypto market sees difficulties now, LUNA's price drop was the most significant. LUNA hit its lowest price in a year falling below $1 and trading at $0.8...

Mike Novogratz crypto

Mike Novogratz Expects More Volatility in the Crypto Market


Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz finds crypto prices will remain volatile at least for the coming quarters. In the company's earnings call on May 9, he said that more damage is expected to be done and the BTC price could fall below $30,000. Galaxy Digital, a financial services firm focused on...

Google Cloud Web3

Google's Cloud Team Forms Web3 Group to Meet Demand in Crypto


In February, Google's parent company Alphabet announced that the future plans of the conglomerate include blockchain technology and Web 3. And now, the Cloud group of Google is starting a team to offer their services to blockchain app developers. Thus, the company aims to meet the growing...

Federal Reserve crypto

Fed Raised Interest Rates by Half Point, Crypto Market Responds


The US Federal Reserve made a long-awaited announcement on increasing interest rates. The Bank raised the amount of interest by ½ percentage point for the first time in more than two decades. This means that it will become more expensive for people, business operators and governments to borrow...

Gucci cryptocurrencies

Gucci Will Accept Crypto In Several US Stores


Popular fashion brand Gucci will enable customers to pay with crypto in several US stores at the end of May. According to an article by Vogue Business, the house will allow the option in all of its stores in North America during the summer. Gucci will accept over ten cryptos including Bitcoin,...

Phemex new listings

Phemex launches 40 tokens for contract trading


Phemex has experienced significant growth in the past year. In addition to the over 200 spot trading pairs available, it recently listed 22 new trading pairs with popular tokens such as FIDA, GARI, and SHILL. Now, Phemex is listing another 40 new tokens for contract trading, including NEAR (Near...

Kraken United Arab Emirates

Kraken Receives License to Operate in Abu Dhabi


More crypto exchanges get licenses to provide services in the UAE. The latest of them became Kraken. The company is expanding into the Middle East and will open offices in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). Previously, digital asset platforms Binance and FTX got licenses to function in the country as...

Stripe twitter crypto

Stripe Partners with Connect to Enable Crypto Payouts on Twitter


Financial infrastructure platform Stripe is adding crypto payouts to Stripe Connect, its solution for enabling payments into marketplaces and software platforms. The social media giant Twitter will be the first to use it to allow crypto payouts. Twitter already uses Connect to offer various...

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