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Crypto market cap above $2 trillion

Total Crypto Market Cap Surged Above $2 Trillion


Increasing around 3.43% over the previous 24 hours, the total crypto market cap surged above $2 trillion. BTC dominance currently is 44.5%. The market cap of the leading cryptocurrency stands at $894.2 B. Its price has gone up by around 9.8% over the week. At the moment BTC trades at around $47.600...

PayPal crypto purchase

PayPal's Crypto Purchase Limit Up from $20,000 to $100,000


On July 15, American payments company PayPal released an article, announcing changes in the crypto purchase policy. Now, US-based users are allowed to purchase up to $100,000 in crypto weekly with no annual buying limitation. PayPal says the changes aim to offer clients more options and flexibility...

Huobi China crypto

Huobi Disallows Chinese Residents to Purchase Derivatives


Seychelles-based crypto exchange Huobi renewed user conditions. The new terms define that users in China won't be able to purchase derivatives anymore. However, Chinese customers can continue to use the network for spot trading. Note that spot trading refers to the operation type when the purchase...

Buterin crypto

Vitalik Buterin Expressed His Opinion About the Crypto Crash


On May 20 Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin gave an interview to CNN business. Talking about the recent crash in the crypto market, Buterin said it didn't surprise him. According to him, cryptocurrencies are in a bubble, and it's difficult to guess when they will rise. Buterin said it can happen...

Mark Cuban supports crypto

Mark Cuban Shows His Support for Crypto on Twitter


American businessman, the owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban is a big supporter of the crypto industry. Recently he expressed his support once more, sharing posts about BTC, Ether, Dogecoin and the advantages of cryptocurrencies on his Twitter. Crypto succeeds when it's a more...

UFC trademarks for crypto

UFC Submitted Several Crypto-Related Trademark Applications


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has submitted two papers with the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) for crypto products. Josh Gerben, trademark attorney and founder of law firm Gerben Perrott announced the news on Twitter. The UFC has filed several new trademark applications...


How to start trading cryptocurrencies


Having bought your first bitcoins, you can exchange them for other tokens on any cryptocurrency exchange. You may be lucky in making a profit as soon as possible. You don't need to be an expert to start trading cryptocurrencies, but you need to take the first steps, and many people want to know how...

crypto wallets and exchanges

Crypto Wallets and Exchanges: Their Origins and Difference


The space of blockchain and cryptocurrencies offers various tools to manage user activities. Among the most essential ones are crypto wallets and exchanges. Are they both necessary and what is the difference between them? What is a cryptocurrency...

IRS Circle crypto

IRS Will Get the Information About Circle's Crypto Traders


The US tax regulator IRS (Internal Revenue Services) will access the details about crypto exchanges above $20,000 that took place on the Circle platform from 2016 to 2020. The US Department of Justice published the decision on April 1. IRS's request to employ John Doe Summons to reach the data was...

Goldman Sachs crypto

In Q2 Goldman Sachs Will Bring Out BTC Investment Product


New York-based international financial services company Goldman Sachs plans to offer investors crypto products during quarter 2 of 2021. The company's global head of digital assets for the bank's private wealth management division Mary Rich revealed the news in terms of the interview held by CNBC....

Nandan Nilekani about crypto

Indian Billionaire Nandan Nilekani Supports Holding Crypto


Successful entrepreneur, co-founder of major technology company Infosys, Nandan Nilekani says cryptocurrency should be considered an asset class in the country. On March 15, officials announced that the Indian government is going to put forward a bill forbidding crypto assets. Nilekani talked...

South Korea crypto trading

Crypto Trading Volume in South Korea Beat Stock Market


Data reveals that on March 14, the entire purchase volume of crypto assets in South Korea surged past $14.5 B. This indicator is higher than the daily average purchase sum of the country’s stock exchange on that day. The crypto market cap hit $1.8 trillion on Sunday after BTC set a new all-time...

Paxos Partners with Chainlink

Paxos Protocol Adops Chainlink Oracles


On January 14, Paxos announced a partnership with Chainlink to exploit its industry-leading decentralized oracle system and make its tokens more reachable in the DeFi environment. The stablecoins paxos standard (PAX) and paxos gold (PAXG) are now accessible on Chainlink’s oracle network. ...

Paypal crypto volume

PayPal Crypto Volume Hits $240 Million


PayPal records its all-time high crypto volume in one day. On January 11, users made transactions for over $240 Million. The previous high was $129 million, reached a week ago. The digital payment company has chosen to buy its crypto through the digital asset platform itBit, which presents the...

Women in crypto

CoinMarketCap noted a surge in women's interest in crypto


In the Q1 of 2020, women's interest in the cryptocurrency sphere sharply increased. CoinMarketСap analysts said that in January-March, the number of female users of this service increased by almost 44%. For comparison, in the last quarter of last year, this number added only 15.5%. The highest...


US citizens use their $1200 checks to buy cryptocurrencies


Recently, the United States issued 80 million checks for Americans worth $1,200. Checks were issued to help citizens affected by the coronavirus so that they could buy needs, food, and pay utility bills. However, it seems that some Americans just decided to exchange their dollars for...

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