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Walmart filings NFTs

Walmart to Present Its Crypto, NFTs and Step Into the Metaverse


Later filings by leading retail company Walmart unveil that the company intends to release its own crypto asset, NFTs, and enter the metaverse. The company submitted filings with the USA Patent and Trademark Office at the end of 2021. Overall, Walmart presented 7 filings. In one of them, the...

derivatives trading Coinbase

Coinbase To Acquire FairX and Offer Derivatives Trading


Popular crypto exchange Coinbase unveiled the upcoming purchase of FairX, a platform that delivers futures products. In a release published by the company, the team said that the goal is to provide derivatives trading, both for retail traders and institutions for all U.S.users. At start, the market...

Bitcoin fintech stocks

Cryptocurrencies and Fintech Stocks Started Rising


Fintech stocks and cryptos saw a decline in recent months. On Jan. 11, the prices started to go up. The rise followed Fed chair Jarome Powel's speech when he said that the US economy is healthy enough and there's a need for tighter monetary policy. He added that the institution will end asset...

Joe Rogan crypto

Joe Rogan Hopes Cryptocurrencies Will Change the World


During a recent episode of the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience ”with his fellow podcaster Adam Curry, the host said that he had a lot of hope for crypto. The two media personalities talked about the crypto industry among other subjects. In Rogan's opinion, crypto ether will fall apart, or it...

PayPal stablecoin plans

PayPal to Release Its Own Stablecoin


Leading payments company PayPal considers releasing its stablecoin. As per a report by Bloomberg, the company is exploring a digital currency pegged to the US dollar. At the moment, details of the project development aren't known. Paypal's senior vice president of blockchain, crypto, and digital...

Donald Trump cryptocurrencies

Donald Trump Finds Crypto is Dangerous, Predicts an Explosion


Former US President Donald Trump’s crypto views haven’t changed. Lately, he once again criticized the sphere, saying it is very dangerous. He stated his opinion at the interview with financial journalist Maria Bartiromo on FOXBusiness. To Bartiromo’s question, what Trump thinks about crypto...

Russia Central Bank crypto

Russia's Central Bank Considers Banning Crypto Investments


Russia’s Central Bank considers forbidding crypto investments, two financial market sources standing close to the institution told Reuters. As the report informs, the regulator assumes that an increasing number of crypto transactions presents risks to financial stability. In 2020, Russia gave...

Bitstamp new crypto listings

Bitstamp Launches SHIB, GALA, PERP and DYDX


Crypto exchange Butstamp revealed on Dec. 8 that it will add 4 new tokens: Shiba Inu (SHIB), Perpetual Protocol's PERP, dYdX (DYDX), and Gala Games (GALA). Today, the exchange revealed that users can place limit orders on SHIB and PERP pairs. SHIB is a popular meme coin. In July 2021, the Shiba Inu...

Bitcoin cryptocurrencies fall

Bitcoin Price Hits a 6-Week Low


BTC price trades at its lowest price since mid-October. In the last 24 hours, the coin dropped by around 6%, falling below $55.000. Ether trades at about $4.000. Other cryptocurrencies such as Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), XRP, Polkadot (DOT), Avalanche (AVAX) also saw major value declines. The...

Basic Attention Token GALA

Basic Attention Token and GALA Reach New ATHs


The popularity of different types of decentralized platforms grows. Today, the native token of the digital advertising environment Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Gala Games' GALA reached new all-time highs of $1.85 and $0.8367 respectively on CoinMarketCap. BAT is the native crypto of the...

Avalanche AVAX new records

Avalanche (AVAX) Keeps Hitting New Records


The native coin of the Avalanche blockchain, AVAX hit a new all-time high of $146.22. In the last 7 days, the price went up by around 40%. At the moment, AVAX is the 10th largest crypto, with a market cap of over $29.7 billion. Thus, the coin got ahead of Dogecoin, which has a market cap of $29.5...

Australia crypto opinions

Australian Regulator Warns About Crypto Risks


Officials in Australia have different approaches to the crypto industry. Chairman of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Joe Longo talked about cryptocurrencies on November 22, urging people to be careful about investing their all savings into unregulated assets that many...

Avalanche AVAX new all-time high

Avalanche (AVAX) Crossed the $100 Milestone


AVAX, the native coin of the Avalanche smart contracts platform, hit a new all-time high of $101.59 on CoinMarketCap. In the last 7 days, the Avalanche price increased by around 7%. Currently, AVAX is the 13th largest crypto with over a $21.6 billion market cap. Avalanche allows building smart...

Crypto market recovery

Crypto Market Started to Recover, Avalanche Hit a New High


Cryptocurrencies started to grow again along with U.S. stock indexes rise. According to CoinMarketCap, the global crypto market cap increased by over 5% in the last 24 hours and is close to surpassing $2 trillion again. Currently, the indicator stands at $1.98 Trillion. Bitcoin surged over $44.000...

crypto market fall

Crypto Market Cap Drops Below $2 Trillion


In the last 7 days, Bitcoin's price fell by around 10.33% and now trades at $42.100. Ethereum went down by around 14.60% and trades at around $2890. It's the first time since August 6 that the largest altcoin's price declined below $3000. The total crypto market cap fell below $2 T and now stands...


US National Football League opposes cryptocurrencies


On September 6, the National Football League issued an official statement, in which it spelled out its attitude towards digital assets and the NFT market. So, from today, the NFL has categorically banned all teams from conducting any kind of advertising campaigns related to cryptocurrencies and...


Donald Trump says he doesn't trust cryptocurrencies


Former US President Donald Trump has previously repeatedly criticized Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. According to him, such tools are used by criminal structures and rogue states. In addition, virtual currencies do not have any material support, which creates additional risks for...

Crypto fiat

Financial experts believe that cryptos will replace fiat


Many analytical companies have recorded the growing interest of financial managers in digital currencies and blockchain technologies. The Deloitte team interviewed over a thousand employees of financial corporations and found that most of them are optimistic about the long-term prospects of...

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