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Chainalysis report 2021

Crypto Gains in 2021 Surpassed $162 Bln: Chainalysis


Blockchain data platform Chainanalys released a report on the crypto gains which says that the year was a strong one for the industry. The report mentions that BTC and Ether built a positive momentum at the end of 2020 and hit new highs in 2021. The Chainalysis team wrote who benefited from the...

MorganStanley crypto

Morgan Stanley Finds Crypto's Use as a Currency Can Grow


Global investment bank Morgan Stanley finds that the use of crypto as a payment method can grow. The bank released a report mentioning that few people use crypto to buy goods as costs for transactions are high and merchants don’t accept them for payments. However, that fact is changing, Morgan...

crypto forecast

33.7 M US Adults Will Own Crypto by the End of 2022; Forecast Says


Cryptocurrencies have been growing in popularity. According to a forecast by the market research company Insider Intelligence, crypto adoption and usage will continue to rise significantly. This is the company's first forecast on the toptic. The forecast says that payments made in crypto will...

Robinhood new cryptos

Robinhood Listed SHIB, SOL, MATIC, and COMP


Trading platform Robinhood added four cryptos; Shiba Inu (SHIB), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), and Compound (COMP). Robinhood announced the news via a blog post. The company mentioned that over 2021, crypto customers have continuously asked for sending and receiving tokens along with a wider...

David Rubenstein crypto

Billionaire David Rubenstein Changed His Mind About Crypto


Businessman, co-founder of leading private equity firm Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein reconsidered his views on crypto. At an interview with the Colossus podcast, Rubenstein said that he was previously skeptical about crypto as he thought nothing was underlying it. However, the businessman said it...

Peter Thiel Bitcoin 2022

Peter Thiel Mentioned Names of Bitcoin Enemies


At Bitcoin 2022 held in Miami, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel enumerated the names of the popular executives that are the main Bitcoin enemies. Thiel accused some of the financial figures of attempting to stop the cryptocurrency and surpass what has become a powerful movement. Well-known investor...

Bank of America about crypto winter

There Is No Crypto Winter Now According to Bank of America


Bank of America released a note with the title "Digital Assets: In the Flow,” writing that it doesn't see a crypto winter as the market is active both in adoption and in project developments. Crypto trading analysis of individual and exchange wallets reveals a “lack of directional...

ebay crypto payments

eBay CEO Says the Platform Might Accept Crypto


Leading e-commerce firm eBay considers adding crypto as a means of payment. The president and CEO of the firm, Jamie Iannone said in a phone interview with the financial news provider TheStreet that eBay aims to be the online shopping platform for generation Z and millennials. eBay might make a...

crypto Ukraine

As Ukraine’s CB Halts E-cash Transfers, People Turn To Crypto


Ukraine’s Central Bank restricted digital money activities, which resulted in increased usage of crypto. Data from a crypto trading platform Kuna show that Ukrainians are mainly paying a premium for Tether's USDT. The CB told e-money issuers to halt the issuance of digital currencies and the...

crypto amid Russia Ukraine conflict

BTC Price Fell After Russia Started Military Operation in Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin announced today on starting a special military operation in Ukraine, saying that the goal is to demilitarize and denazify the country. The situation was tense in the proceeding months as there were massive troop buildups. The crisis is around the status of Crimea...

Vitalik Buterin about possible crypto winter

Vitalik Buterin Expects Another Crypto Winter


Crypto influencer, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said in an interview with Bloomberg that investors might face another crypto winter, mentioning that it isn't entirely bad news. According to him, current low prices provide opportunities to invest and receive increased returns when prices go...

cypto adoption survey

In the US Crypto Ownership Exceeds Bank Savings


Decision Intelligence company Morning Consult published an analyst report on consumer banking and payments, which proves that cryptocurrencies went mainstream. The study shows that the number of US citizens owning crypto is now higher than the number of people that have a certificate of deposits....

Charlie Munger crypto

Charlie Munger Says Crypto Is Like Venereal Disease


Long-time crypto critic, investor Charlie Munger stated his opinion about cryptocurrencies. He also criticized the federal reserve policy and the high inflation rate. According to Munger, fiat currencies will hit zero in the next 100 years. The businessman even said that inflation is the most...

Russia crypto regulations

Russia To Present Crypto Regulatory Bill Till February 18


The Russian government confirmed the proposed Minfin concept of regulating the crypto industry. According to the official announcement by the government, the industry will be regulated to ensure investor protection. Thus, cryptos will be integrated into the financial system. The government...

Unus Sed LEO price

UNUS SED LEO Hit a New All-Time High of Above $5


LEO token hit a new all-time high, going above $5.23. It has a market cap of nearly $5 billion. LEO is a utility token operating on the Bitfinex trading platform and the Ifinex ecosystem. Bitfinex launched the token in May 2019 via Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)....

Anton Siluanov about crypto regulations

Russian Minister of Finance Suggests Crypto Trading via Banks


Anton Siluanov, Russia’s Minister of Finance finds that crypto should be regulated and not forbidden. As local media informs, the politician wrote a letter to the PM, Mikhail Mishustin and proposed to legalize crypto trading via banks. Previously, the Bank of Russia issued a paper, suggesting a...

Lloyd Blankfein about crypto

Goldman Sachs Former CEO Says Crypto Is Happening, Amid the Dip


Lloyd Blankfein, who served as the senior chairman of Goldman Sachs previously, expressed his views on the crypto sector during a recent talk at Squawk Box. Being skeptical about crypto previously, Blankfein said that his views have been evolving. To the question of what his opinion is for the...

Crypto liquidations

Amount of Crypto Liquidations Surpassed $720 M


Crypto prices continued to decline. Bitcoin price dropped to $38.560. Currently, Bitcoin trades at around $39.000. Ether declined to $2800. In the last 24 hours, the global market cap decreased by 7.8% and now stands at around $1.8 trillion....

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