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Ethereum (ETH) News

Ethereum appeared and made another revolution in the crypto world. Offering innovations by using smart contracts differently, the platform created great opportunities for customers.

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Chainlink Ether highs

Chainlink and Ether Hit New All-Time Highs


Chainlink (LINK) and Ethereum (Ether) have set new all-time highs: over $51 and $3500 correspondingly. The price of the blockchain oracles network Chainlink's native token has seen over a 38% price increase during the previous 7 days and hit a record high of $51. It ranks 11th in terms of the...

Ether $3480

Ether Sets a New All-Time High of Over $3480


Ethereum keeps surging. The price of the token surpassed $3480. Its market dominance index is 17.5% currently. The demand for the token is pretty high. On April 27 the European Investment Bank in cooperation with Goldman Sachs, Santander, and Societe Generale launched a digital bond on a public...

Vitalik Buterin

The growth of ether has enriched Vitalik Buterin


The largest altcoin ether (ETH) is trading at $ 3178 on Monday, May 3. Crypto capitalization per day increased by 8.55% to $ 367.373 billion. The rise in the cost of ether led to the fact that one of the leaders of the Ethereum development team, Vitalik Buterin, became the most youthful billionaire...

Ether $3.100

Ether Hits New All-Time High Surpassing $3100


Gaining over 26% over the previous 7 days, the price of Ethereum crossed $3000 for the first time on Sunday evening. Then the token surged over $3.100. Currently, Ether's market cap stands at above $360.9 B. There is a high demand for the cryptocurrency. Many major institutions all over the world...


ETH has surpassed platinum in terms of capitalization


Ether (ETH) is showing explosive growth this week. In terms of capitalization, ETH has already surpassed platinum. Now the value of the entire ether has reached $320 billion. The capitalization of platinum is now about $304 billion. Since 1900, 250 million troy ounces of this precious metal have...

Wisdom tree ETP

Stock Markets SIX and Borse Xetra to Trade Ether ETP


US-based Wisdom Tree Asset Management launches an Ethereum-based ETP on the Swiss stock market SIX and German Borse Xetra. The product enables investors' exposure to Eth without the necessity to own the asset in a direct way or to work with the blockchain framework. So, it makes the investing...

Ethereum performance

Ether Surpassed $2.700. The Blockchain Hits New Records


The price of Ethereum reached a new all-time high surging over $2.730. Its market cap went up to $314.1 B. Ethereum ecosystem keeps growing and getting ways to solve scalability problems. Recently the launch of the Berlin hard fork took place. The upgrade London is scheduled to release on July 14....


Open interest in Ethereum futures on CME approached $300M


The open interest (OI) indicator for Ethereum futures on the regulated CME exchange is growing rapidly and has already reached the $287 million mark. Along with OI, the trading volume of these derivatives has increased significantly over the past few weeks. Analysts noted that the growth of the...

Ethereum law gas fees

Ethereum's Gas Fee Drops to 3-Months Lows


According to the data provided by cryptocurrency performance analytics Santiment, the average transaction gas fees of the protocol dropped under $10 first time in three months. It even went down to $8.14, while during the last months the cost was above $20. In addition, active Ethereum addresses...

Ethereum $2560

Ether Broke an all-time High of $2.560


Today the price of Ether set a new record high surpassing $2.560. It's the first time that the cryptocurrency has gone above $2.500. Recently the token's options market surpassed 3.3 billion, which indicates the growing demand for Eth investments. The biggest altcoin's market cap crossed $298...


PancakeSwap bypasses ETH in the number of daily transactions


Over the past day, the PancakeSwap decentralized platform has bypassed the Ethereum network in terms of the number of user transactions. The PancakeSwap exchange is deployed on the Binance Chain, which positions itself as the main competitor to Ethereum. The DappRadar team reported that PancakeSwap...

UniSwap v3 deploy

UniSwap Deploys Version 3 Contracts to Ethereum Testnets


Revolutionary decentralized exchange UniSwap deployed its contracts for the release of v3 to Ethereum's all four testnets. The platform plans to launch its version 3 on May 5, 2021. Ethereum's testnets are Görli, Kovan, Rinkeby, and Ropsten, which are used by developers to check the smart contract...


Bitmain reveals new Ethereum miner's hashrate features


Chinese mining company Bitmain has published the characteristics of the hashrate of an ASIC miner for mining ether (ETH). On Friday, April 16, the company announced the AntMiner E9 but did not provide particular details on the technical specifications of the device. In a tweet dated April 18,...


Open interest in Ethereum options reaches new highs


Institutional investor demand for Ether (ETH) has skyrocketed this year. This is evidenced by the growing open interest in products targeted at the largest altcoin. Open interest in Ethereum options hit a new high this week. This figure rose to $ 3.57 billion. The first place is occupied by the...

Ethereum ETFs approved

Primary Ethereum ETFs Authorized in Canada


Canada was the first country to approve BTC ETFs in February. Now, it became the first to authorize Ethereum ETFs too. Today, April 17, the republic's regulators granted three requests: They come from Purpose Investments, Evolve ETFs, and CI Global Asset Management. The first two firms were the...

Rothschild Investment Grayscale Ethereum Trust

Rothschild Investment's $4.75M Stake in Grayscale Eth Trust


Full-service brokerage firm Rothschild obtained 265,302 shares worth $4.75 M of the Ethereum Trust of Grayscale. This is the first time that the company has put capital into the product. The entity also expanded its stake in GBTC by about 8,000 shares, thus making them 38,346 in total....

ether dogecoin

Ether and Dogecoin Hit New All-Time Highs


In the past 24 hours, Ether and Doge reached new all-time highs: $2,547 and over $0.3 correspondingly. Hovering around $2500 for a few days, the second cryptocurrency managed to overpass the barrier. The price of the token surged above $2,547. One of the reasons to cause price increase was the...


Berlin hardfork took place on the Ethereum network


On April 15, a Berlin hard fork took place on the Ethereum mainnet at block # 12,244,000. In anticipation of the event, the price of the asset renewed its all-time high above $ 2,460, and open interest in futures reached a record $ 8.1 billion. Berlin has implemented four proposals to improve...