Berlin hardfork took place on the Ethereum network

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On April 15, a Berlin hard fork took place on the Ethereum mainnet at block # 12,244,000. In anticipation of the event, the price of the asset renewed its all-time high above $ 2,460, and open interest in futures reached a record $ 8.1 billion.

Berlin has implemented four proposals to improve Ethereum, including a shift in the gas price calculation algorithm (EIP-2565 and EIP-2929), as well as new types of transactions (EIP-2930 and EIP-2718).

At the time of the hard fork, only 74.8% of the nodes were upgrade-compatible. The service takes into account outdated nodes with the Parity client, so the share of compatible nodes should be higher.

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The terminal version of Berlin did not include EIP-1559, which implies burning part of the transaction fees. However, the activation of this offer is planned for the London hard fork, which is due to take place in July.

The large pools Ethermine and SparkPool opposed the implementation of EIP-1559, and the developers supported it. The arguments from each of the parties are weighty - the former refuse to earn less, the latter are trying to temporarily patch up the problem of scaling and reduce commissions.

Berlin's activation was postponed several times and sent back for revision. The developers also feared the concentration of nodes in the Geth client. The specifications were presented only in January 2021, and the exact date was named in March.