Stock Markets SIX and Borse Xetra to Trade Ether ETP

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Wisdom tree ETP

US-based Wisdom Tree Asset Management launches an Ethereum-based ETP on the Swiss stock market SIX and German Borse Xetra.

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The product enables investors' exposure to Eth without the necessity to own the asset in a direct way or to work with the blockchain framework. So, it makes the investing process more simple for people. The ETP purchases under the ticker ETHW. It has a full expense ratio of 0.95%

Earlier this month Wisdom Tree's Bitcoin ETP (BTCW) was listed on Borse Xetra. It appeared on the SIX in December 2019.

In March 2021, the company applied to SEC to launch its Bitcoin ETF. The agency hasn't approved any BTC exchange-traded funds yet.

The demand for Ethereum is high, which reflects in the growing number of investment offerings. The price of the token reached a record high surging over $2770. Its market capitalization crossed $318.6 B.