ETH has surpassed platinum in terms of capitalization

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Ether (ETH) is showing explosive growth this week.

In terms of capitalization, ETH has already surpassed platinum. Now the value of the entire ether has reached $320 billion.

The capitalization of platinum is now about $304 billion. Since 1900, 250 million troy ounces of this precious metal have been mined in the world.

Platinum in 2021, like ether, has greatly strengthened its market position. An ounce of this metal has risen from $ 1,081 to $ 1,223 since the beginning of January. In annual terms, the increase in the value of platinum was about 14%.

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At the same time, Ether has achieved much more significant results. This cryptocurrency has risen in price by 360% since January.

Note that in the CompaniesMarketCap rating, ETH has already bypassed PayPal, whose capitalization is now $ 318.33 billion.

The day before, the ether broke above $ 2700 for the first time. The altcoin is adding value against the backdrop of a positive news background. The coin was supported by large investors who decided to test the capabilities of the altcoin and its network.

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According to JPMorgan forecasts, ETH may even be more performant than Bitcoin, as Ether has suffered much less BTC after the recent market correction.