Chainlink and Ether Hit New All-Time Highs

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Chainlink Ether highs

Chainlink (LINK) and Ethereum (Ether) have set new all-time highs: over $51 and $3500 correspondingly.

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The price of the blockchain oracles network Chainlink's native token has seen over a 38% price increase during the previous 7 days and hit a record high of $51. It ranks 11th in terms of the market cap which stands at around $20.5 B.

Numerous companies and services have been integrating Chainlink's solutions for data providing. One of the recent partnerships became the cooperation with the open-source blockchain platform Tezos.

As for Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency crossed $3.500 for the first time. Currently, it trades at around $3360. The Ethereum environment keeps developing and upgrading. Along with this, there is a high demand for the token and new investment products have been introduced.

Recently Canadian Nasdaq-listed digital payments company Mogo has bought 146 Ether at an average price of $2,780, investing $405,000 in total.