Rothschild Investment's $4.75M Stake in Grayscale Eth Trust

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Rothschild Investment Grayscale Ethereum Trust

Full-service brokerage firm Rothschild obtained 265,302 shares worth $4.75 M of the Ethereum Trust of Grayscale. This is the first time that the company has put capital into the product.

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The entity also expanded its stake in GBTC by about 8,000 shares, thus making them 38,346 in total. Rothschild Investment's manager said that its shares in the ETH product were valued at $4.75 M on March 31 and its funds in the BTC trust were valued at $1.92 M.

The US SEC's filings show that Rothschild is amongst the primary large institutions to get ETH exposure via Grayscale’s trust.

Rothschild's first investment in Grayscale BTC trust goes back to 2017 when BTC was traded at about $2000 and there was no such demand from capital corporations.

Grayscale is the number one provider for digital asset operations. On April 15 the company informed that its entire AUM reached $50.6 B. Ethereum Trust presents $7.7 B of that amount. A few hours ago, the price of Eth set a new record of $2.500. The major part of Grayscale's AUM, $41 billion comes from BTC Trust.