Bitmain reveals new Ethereum miner's hashrate features

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Chinese mining company Bitmain has published the characteristics of the hashrate of an ASIC miner for mining ether (ETH).

On Friday, April 16, the company announced the AntMiner E9 but did not provide particular details on the technical specifications of the device. In a tweet dated April 18, Bitmain stated that the new Ethereum miner is "a game-changer." According to the company, the hashrate of one AntMiner E9 is equivalent to 32 Nvidia 3080s.

8 Nvidia 3080 cards deliver 760 megahash per second (MH / s). With the current network complexity, they can mine 0.04331290 ETH (about $ 90 at current prices).

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Thus, according to Bitmain's statement, one AntMiner E9 can provide approximately 3040 MH / s of processing power.

The 7GB A10 Pro from InnoSilicon is currently the highest performing ASIC ETH miner on the market with 740 MH / s.

However, Bitmain did not disclose the power consumption of the E9 and did not name the price of the product.