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Ethereum (ETH) News

Ethereum appeared and made another revolution in the crypto world. Offering innovations by using smart contracts differently, the platform created great opportunities for customers.

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Ethereum Arbitrum One

Ether Surges After the Scaling Solution Arbitrum One Release


On August 31, the mainnet of Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum One went public. The EVM-compatible platform with optimistic rollups techniques aims to reduce the fee cost of transactions and scale Dapps. WE KNOW YOU'VE BEEN WAITING...WE'RE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE...šŸ“˜ARBITRUM ONEšŸ“˜BRIEF...

Geth bug chain split

Ethereum Interface Geth Discoveres a Chain Split


Ethereum is dealing with a chain split as a percentage of validators failed to upgrade their software after the found bug in the earlier versions of Ethereum interface Go Ethereum (Geth). A few days ago, on August 24, the team running the commonly used Ether interface layer Geth announced a flaw in...


Ethereum hashrate updated all-time high


The hashrate of the Ethereum network reached 646.7 GH/s, updating its all-time high, according to Etherscan data. The indicator exceeded the previous record level of 643.8 GH / s, which it reached on May 20. Against the backdrop of the ensuing harassment of mining in China, the computing power of...


Grayscale's Ethereum trust exceeds $10 billion


Grayscale, a digital asset management company, continues to ramp up investments in bitcoin, ether, and other major cryptocurrencies. Funds for such instruments go through specialized trusts. The giant's latest statement on Twitter notes that as of August 24, its cryptocurrency trusts have...


Ether exchange balance fell to a seven-month low


The price of Ether (ETH) on Wednesday, August 18, fell to $ 3064. The capitalization of the largest altcoin in 24 hours decreased by 3.66% to $ 359.427 billion. A report from the Glassnode team talks about the ongoing outflow of ether from cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently, the number of ETH...

Ethereum 2.0 staking

Over 6.7 M Ethers Worth $21 B Now Staked in Ethereum 2.0


Data show that now there are 6.73 million Ethers worth about $21.2 B staked in Ethereum 2.0 contract. The tokens will remain locked up until the network's major update is completed. With Ethereum 2.0, the current Proof-of-Work blockchain merges with the Proof-of-Stake chain. The switch is supposed...


Ether is more popular than BTC among Singaporean investors


In a survey conducted among Singaporean crypto traders. Researchers have found that Ether (ETH) is a more popular digital currency compared to Bitcoin. 78% of respondents said they own ETH, while 69% of investors hold the first cryptocurrency. The survey was conducted by the Gemini exchange in...

Ethereum Bitcoin

Mike McGlone commented on the Bitcoin and Ether rally


Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone is known for predicting Bitcoin will hit $ 20,000 again in December 2020. Moreover, the same analyst predicted further growth in BTC and was right. The day before on Twitter, McGlone recalled that in annual terms, the strengthening of the bitcoin rate was 54%,...

Ethereum 2.0 burn

49$ M in Ether Burned Just Two Days After EIP-1559 Launch


On August 5, Ethereum London hard fork was launched, changing the way miners get rewards. The network's new fee-burning mechanism, called Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP-1559) has removed around $49 M in Ether from circulation. EIP 1559 came to replace Ethereum's previous fee-calculation...

Mila Kunis

Users lost 344 ETH while trying to buy Mila Kunisā€™ NFT show


Launched by Mila Kunisā€™s Orchard Farm Productions, the animation show Stoner Cats raised 3,647 ETH in 35 minutes of the token sale. A collection of 10 420 NFTs in the form of digital cats was put up for sale for 0.35 ETH each. Asset owners will have access to episodes of the show. The project...

wealthfront bitcoin and ethereum exposure

Investment Company Wealthfront Allows BTC and Eth Exposure


SEC-registered automated investment services and advisory provider Wealthfront informed about expanding its investment options, including two crypto trusts: Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and Grayscale Ethereum Trust. As the firm stated via a blog post published on July 29, its aim was to provide...

Virgil Griffith

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith violated terms of bail


The infamous crypto entrepreneur, the co-founder of the Ethereum project Virgil Griffith, violated the terms of the pledge and was again behind bars. According to reports, the man was caught trying to access his account on the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. The decision to change the measure of...

Vitalik Buterin Ethereum Conference

Vitalik Buterin Says Ethereum Must Go Beyond DeFi


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said in his speech during Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC), held in Paris that Ethereum aims to progress beyond the DeFi space. The 4th EthCC began on July 20 and will end on July 22. Buterin referred to DeFi and cryptocurrencies as the most interesting part...

Vitalik Buterin Ethereum documentary

Fundraising For the Ethereum Documentary Completed


A documentary movie ā€œEthereum: The Infinite Gardenā€ will be released. The fundraising started on July 14 is completed. Crowdfunding site Mirror managed the process. Initially, it was planned to raise 750 Ethers. The results surpassed expectations. When the fundraising was over on July 16, the...


Whales have gained biggest volume of ETH since spring 2017


Large investors continue to show increased activity amid the weakening of the ether (ETH) rate. The altcoin is down to $ 1,900 today, and many observers agree that the coin will find the bottom somewhere around $ 1,700. Whales, on the other hand, take advantage of the panic sell-off of ether on the...

Brazil Ethereum ETF

Brazil Approved the First Ether-based ETF in Latin America


Brazil Approved the First Ether-based ETF in Latin America As Brazilian media reports, the country's Securities Commission has approved the first Ether ETF in Latino America. The product managed by QR Asset Management will operate under the symbol QETH11. It will function on Brazil's stock market...

Elon Musk Ether BTC DOGE

Elon Musk Compared Dogecoin to BTC and Ether


Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked about cryptocurrencies another time. He shared his opinion on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, mentioning the advantages of the last one. Particularly, commenting on crypto and Dogecoin Youtuber Matt Wallace's tweet about Dogecoin update, Musk wrote BTC and Ether...

Meitu Bitcoin Ethereum

Meitu Loses $17.3 M on BTC but Gained $14.7 M on Ether


Tech company Meitu reported about the results of its Bitcoin and Ethereum investments. As mentioned, Meitu has lost around $17.3 M, having invested in BTC. On the other, Ether investment has brought the company a profit of $14.7 M. Launched in 2008, Meitu builds mobile video and photography...