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Brazil approved bitcoin ETFs

Brazil the First in Latin America to Authorize Bitcoin ETFs


On March 19 the Brazil Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) validated two crypto exchange trade funds (ETFs). One of them is a pure BTC ETF and the other one consists of six crypto assets. The initiator of the ETFs is a fintech firm QR Capital. The ETFs will be available on The Brazilian Stock...

Vlad Tenev Robinhood

Robinhood Considers Adding More Crypto Services


The CEO of the trading services provider Robinhood, Vlad Tenev talked about the company's plans regarding cryptocurrencies in a video published on Youtube. He answered the questions of the users. Tenev announced that the app has seen 6 million new clients. Now the team wants to invest a large...


Open interest in ADA futures has risen since January


Altcoin Cardano (ADA) is showing explosive growth in 2021. The coin previously even broke into the top three cryptocurrencies, and its price reached $ 1.5 at the end of February. On Friday, March 19, the ADA rate dipped to $ 1.27. Altcoin capitalization for the week fell by 13% to $ 40.627 billion....


The number of large Ethereum addresses decreased by 7.2%


Ether (ETH) still hasn't received enough support to repeat the February run and break above $ 2,000. Even the reduction in the exchange balance of the cryptocurrency has not yet had a positive effect on its value. In the middle of the week, ETH tried to gain a foothold above $ 1800, but soon the...

Jerome Powell about digital currencies

Jerome Powell Notes Digital Currencies and Fiat Can Coincide


US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell stated that in the following years state-released digital currencies and CBDCs can perform side by side with fiat banknotes. He expressed this view during a virtual payment summit held in Basel, Switzerland. CBDCs are powered by blockchain to reach...

SBI crypto bitcoin mining

SBI Holdings' BTC Mining Pool is Open


Tokyo-based financial services company SBI Holdings' subordinate SBI Crypto has enabled its BTC mining pool for the masses. This makes it possible for both individuals and companies to mine BTC and other crypto assets via the pool. SBI Crypto started functioning in 2017. It has suggested...


Altcoin ChainLink fired after Grayscale trust launch


Grayscale, which manages up to $ 43.6 billion in digital assets, has launched new trusts. Institutional investors have the opportunity to channel funds into products focused on ChaniLink (LINK), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Decentraland (MANA), Filecoin (FIL), and Livepeer (LPT). Grayscale has...

Elon Musk

Investor sent 10 BTC to fake Elon Musk


An anonymous user sent 10 BTC to scammers, who promised to double the amount sent from Elon Musk's fake Twitter account. It is reported by the BBC. The interlocutor of the publication followed the cybercriminals' link in the comments to the publication of this chapter of Tesla. On a fraudulent...

LIndsay Lohan Tron NFT

Lindsay Lohan to Release Her NFT on Tron


American star Lindsay Lohan aims to issue NFTs on the Tron network. She is a famous actress, singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and television celebrity. Lohan and Justin Sun are going to talk about the details of the collectible on Clubhouse today. I'm going to be on CH w/ @justinsuntron...


SEC started thinking VanEck's application to launch BTC ETF


The US SEC will decide on the application of the investment company VanEck to launch an exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on the first crypto within the next 45 days. The regulator can either approve or reject the company's request or extend the review period to 240 days. Stakeholders will have 21...

Morgan Stanley to offer BTC funds

Morgan Stanley Offers Wealthier Clients Access to BTC Funds


Multinational investment bank Morgan Stanley enables customers who correspond specific points to reach Bitcoin funds. The establishment will introduce 3 of them: two from Galaxy Digital and one from NYDIG and Franklin Square Holdings. Access to these supplies is only possible for the customers...


CoinShares has invested in sustainable bitcoin mining


Canadian mining firm MintGreen has closed a seed round of funding led by the venture capital arm of digital asset management company CoinShares. The number of attracted investments in MintGreen was not disclosed. The Vancouver-based company develops projects for environmentally friendly bitcoin...

FIreblocks raised $133 M in Series C

Crypto Custody Fireblocks Raised $133 M in the Series C


New York-based crypto security provider Fireblocks informed about the finalization of Series C financing. The company boosted $133 M. Round C was lead by fund manager Coatue, the fintech-centered venture capital Ribbit and expansion capital company Stripes. Thus, Fireblocks' summative venture...

UK Bitcoin ad

UK Advertising Standards Authority Banned "Tricky" BTC Ad


UK advertisements regulator forbade a newspaper ad given by crypto trading platform Coinfloor. The reason for the ban was the irresponsible promotion of BTC as an investment to pensioners. The ad was posted in a December release of the local newspaper the Northamptonshire Telegraph. A member of...


Ethermine delivers Post-EIP-1559 revenue support solution


The operator of the Ethermine mining pool, Bitfly, has launched in beta software to implement the Maximal Extracted Value (MEV) arbitrage strategy. It assumes compensation to miners after activating EIP-1559. MEV automates the sequence of transactions on the blockchain-based on potential arbitrage...

Meitu $40 M in BTC and ETH

Tech Firm Meitu Invests Another $49 M in BTC and ETH


Image editing software organization Meitu stated investing around $28.4 M in Eth and $21.6 M in BTC. The name of the application is translated as "beautiful face" from Chinese. It is widely used in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan with nearly 300 million monthly active users, according to its...

Arcane Research

Arcane Research drew attention to activation of BTC hodlers


Long-term holders of bitcoin, or so-called hodlers, have significantly raised their cryptocurrency reserves over the past ten months. The trend for long-term accumulation of BTC continues to dominate, according to a study by Arcane Research. The outflow of bitcoins is increasing from cryptocurrency...

Grayscale new crypto trusts

GrayScale Adds Five Altcoin Trusts


Today major crypto investment manager GrayScale issued 5 additional altcoin trusts. They are LINK, BAT, MANA, FIL, and LPT. The entity disclosed its plans to launch these products in January. Along with these additions, the number of GrayScale's crypto trusts reached...

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