Bitcoin miners earned $ 1.7 billion in April

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The income of the miners of the first cryptocurrency in April was $ 1.7 billion.

The indicator yielded the record revenue in March when it reached $ 1.75 billion.

Of the total miners' income in April, 14.51% came from transaction fees - $ 247 million.

In nominal terms, this is the highest monthly commission volume since December 2017. The share of transaction fees in revenue was the last higher in January 2018.

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In mid-April, the bitcoin price renewed its historical maximum at levels above $ 64,000. However, the cryptocurrency could not gain a foothold at this level. On April 18, the rate fell below $ 60,000, and a few days later, Bitcoin dropped the $ 50,000 level.

By the end of the month, quotes recovered to around $ 55,000, however, price drops in recent weeks have harmed mining profitability.

Recall that in April, the hashrate of the leading Bitcoin mining pools fell sharply amid problems with the supply of electricity after explosions and floods in coal mines in several provinces of China.