"Disaster Girl" sold the meme as an NFT for about $500,000

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Disaster Girl

In 2005, amateur photographer Dave Roth snapped a photo of his daughter Zoe. In the resulting photo, the girl is standing at the house, which is engulfed in flames, and smiles mysteriously.

At that time, the family did not even suspect that this photo would become an Internet phenomenon - the most popular Disaster Girl meme - and would bring them almost half a million dollars.

Dubai-based music company 3F Music acquired the Disaster Girl meme in NFT token format for $ 495,000.

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Zoe Roth, the heroine of the Disaster Girl meme, plans to spend the proceeds from the sale of the picture on charity and student loans. The father and daughter have retained the copyright of the photo and will receive 10% of the profits from the sale of this NFT in the future.

The photo, which became the Disaster Girl meme, was taken when Zoe was just four years old. She only remembers this event as her father asked her to smile for the picture. Dave accidentally caught the moment when a sly grin flashed in Zoe's smile - this is how the meme was born, which amused many Internet users and caused many associations.

In 2007, Dave Roth entered a photo competition with this picture and won. So the image spread over the network. The photos were edited and made the basis for memes.