MetaMask Warns About New Phishing Bot

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MetaMask wallet phishing bot

Widely-used Ethereum-based crypto wallet MetaMask urged about the appearance of the phishing bot that tries to get users' information by "instant support" database. It suggests filling in data in a Google Docs paper.

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MetaMask noted that the real framework doesn't have a Google-backed endorsement. Users can get assistance via the "Get help" service which is available in the app itself.

The team also alerted clients to let them know in the case of encountering the bot.

It's not known yet how many users have suffered from the fraud either the sum losses.

On April 28, the team of the cryptocurrency wallet announced the number of monthly active users reached 5 M.

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While creating a wallet, users get a 12-word seed phrase. MetaMask doesn't control any personal/private data. So, the information is encrypted on the browser and secured through the password. In the case of losing the account, it can only be restored with the seed phrase and that's the only way.