Dogecoin Reaches New Highs, Its Market Cap Overtakes Twitter

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Dogecoin $0.48

DOGE price has gained over 92% over the previous 7 days and over 36% over the previous 24 hours. The coin crossed $0.54. Now it ranks 4th with over $69.1 billion market cap. That is higher than the market cap of Ford, Twitter, Adidas, and other major companies.

One of the factors that boosted DOGE's price is Elon Musk's support. Tesla and Space X's CEO often mentions the coin in his tweets. Recently he announced he would talk about Dogecoin during the American show Saturday Night Live on May 8.

Musk is even known as CEO of Dogecoin and Dogefather.

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Another significant point is that the number of companies accepting payments in DOGE has been growing. Among them are NBA team Dallas Mavericks and Latvian airline airBaltic.

In general, most cryptocurrencies have seen a price increase in the last 24 hours. The entire crypto market cap stands at over $2.25 trillion.