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2020: Summing up the crypto year


2020 has been a weary year for all of us. It was full of various events, which have affected our lives and changed our everyday routine. Let's hope that 2021 will be better and sum up all the significant events of this year. 2020 started with bushfires in Australia. All the crypto community was...


EPayments CEO left its position


The ePayments payment system announced the departure of Mike Rymanov from the post of the company's CEO. We are fast approaching the end of 2020. Please visit our blog to read the latest news.— ePayments (@myepayments) December 24, 2020 The position of the interim CEO...


Binance closes South Korea division


Binance crypto exchange announced the closure of the Binance Korea division for users from South Korea. Binance Korea's December 24 post said the closure was due to low transaction volumes. The platform is shutting down just eight months after launching in April 2020. Binance's Korean subsidiary...

Pique invests in Sorare

Gerard Pique Invests $4.3M in Sorare


Blockchain-powered fantasy football game Sorare announced that Gerard Pique made a $4.3 M worth of investment in the non-fungible token (NFT) site. With this, Sorare’s total seed round reached $9 million. Recently the collector interest in the Ethereum-based NFT protocol has been rising...

Steve Wozniak presents a new project

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Announced a New Project


American electronics engineer, Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak launches a crypto company called Efforce. It is a blockchain-powered marketplace to exchange tokenized energy. It's been 45 years since the launch of Apple and the second time Wozniak participated in co-founding of any company. Efforce...

2 new devnets for Cordano

IOHK Presents Two New Smart Contracts for Cordano


Blockchain engineering organization IOHK introduces 2 smart contract developer environments (devnets) for Cardano, termed KEVM and IELE. KEVM will let developers deploy Ethereum-powered apps on Cordano, while IELE allows building apps for Cardano in any computer language. Cardano is a crypto asset...

1 million ETH received for ETh2.0

More Than 1 Million Eth Locked up in ETH2


After 4 days the beacon chain has launched, Eth2.0 keeps attracting deposits. The contract has received over 1 million ETH worth above $605 M. The stakers will get rewards in the future when staked amounts will be available for withdrawals. The closing day of the contract isn't defined yet. Rewards...

ETH 2.0 to launch

Ethereum Price Keeps Growing due to ETH 2.0 Launch


Ethereum 2.0 has released today, on December 1st. A huge amount of Ethereum has already been staked for its deposit contract as a component of the innovative proof-of-stake network. The latest data reveals that over $529 M of Ether has already been deposited. The opening move of Ethereum 2.0—the...

Dafabet using COTI's technology

COTI Network Works with Dafabet


The leading online gambling company Dafabet builds a partnership with COTI in order to optimize digital currency implementation. This is important news for COTI as the platform seeks to develop its network for crypto transfers and in these terms, its interests coincide with the gaming industry,...


IOTA Cooperates with Pantos for R&D Lab


IOTA builds a partnership with Pantos to develop blockchain and distributed ledger technology within the framework of a new research institution aimed to innovate the two structures. On November 26, authorities informed that the multi-blockchain asset protocol Pantos and IOTA, along with...

Justin Sun about Tron voting requests

Voting Requests of TRON Network were Approved


The creator of the protocol TRON Justin Sun highlighted the fact that the TRON network is still the lowest-cost public chain. He also said that with the efforts of all communities the network will achieve much progress. TRON is a decentralized system that was created to help guide the...

TraceHarvest is launched

Ethereum-powered "TraceHsarvest" Project is Launched


BlockApps present an Ethereum-powered network with Bayer. The main goal of the project is to observe the process of farm products cycling including a major pharmaceutical firm among its clients. On Nov 18, blockchain as a Service company BlockApps introduced a blockchain-powered country yield...


Ethereum application user activity has renewed maximum


Ethereum continues to lead the blockchain ranking by the number of deployed applications (DApps). The DappRadar team found that over the past 30 days, the number of active users of Ethereum applications has exceeded 1 million. Researchers linked this trend to the rapid development of the DeFi...

Canada Bitcoin fund

Galaxy Digital Launches New BTC Fund in Canada


Bitcoin price is going up achieving new highs. Galaxy Digital also saw massive growth in its Bitcoin fund trading volumes in Q3 2020. Recently the founder and CEO of the company Mike Novogratz announced that they are extending services in Canada along with CI Global Asset management. The CI Galaxy...

Filecoin launch 16.11.2020

Filecoin about the Launch and Project Goals


Filecoin aims to create a decentralized future for the web. Funded by a $ 257 million coin offering completed in September 2017, The Web 3.0 data storage project has since expanded its technology. For now, the main part of the world's information is managed by several firms, such as Google,...

Ripple's Office in Dubai

Ripple Opens Local Office in Dubai


On November 7 Ripple disclosed that it has established a department in the Dubai International Financial Centre or DIFC. The crypto exchange firm apparently picked the place for its creative ways of control. Operating in the United Arab Emirates, the DIFC suggests blockchain organizations like...


HIVE doubles mining volume with new WhatsMiner M30S Devices


HIVE Blockchain, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, acquired and immediately installed 1,240 WhatsMiner M30S miners. That was reported in a press release. Representatives of HIVE Blockchain emphasized that this is the largest batch of new equipment in the history of the company. Thanks to...

Figure Inquires State Bank Charter

Blockchain Startup Figure Inquires State Bank Charter


Bloomberg announced that Figure Technologies, the blockchain lending company founded by former SoFi CEO Mark Cagney, pursues a national bank license. The firm is investigating a national bank charter admitted by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The assignment would lessen the...

Blockchain is an extremely popular technology nowadays. Back in 1991, Nick Szabo has described the tech but did not find a way to bring it to life. Two decades later, in 2009, mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto realized Szabo's idea, and blockchain had become the basis of the famous Bitcoin.

And what do we have today? A system that gathers all the cryptocurrencies, that is changing the banking system and brings modifications to our everyday life. P2P transactions, distributed ledgers, and many other technical features are becoming a part of financial systems. Democratic governments are implementing blockchain in more and more fields of public administration, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. And that is the reason to become aware of these innovations.

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