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Ripple XRP NFts

Ripple to Start $250 Million Fund for NFTs


Ripple Labs, the blockchain company standing behind the development of XRP cryptocurrency, initiated a $250 M fund to encourage creators of NFTs. The firm said on Sept. 29, that Creator Fund will encourage NFT originators by supporting financially, technically and promotions. Digital artists and...

Cardano Chainlink partnership

Cardano Partners With Chainlink to Upgrade Its Ecosystem


Extending its environment, Cardano blockchain unveiled a cooperation with the decentralized oracle network Chainlink. IOHK, the firm that developed the blockchain, revealed various partnerships in terms of the Cardano Summit, which took place from Sep. 25 to 26. Announcement: we partnered with...

Snoop Dogg NFTs

Snoop Dogg Unveiled He Has an NFT Collection Worth $17 M


Famous rapper Snoop Dogg unveiled that the Twitter account Cozomo de’ Medici belongs to him. The tweets shared on the page indicate that its owner has a large collection of high cost NFTs. From time to time Cozomo has been tweeting about his NFT experience disclosing the amounts of money spent on...

Audius attracts $5 M from musicians

Katy Perry, Jason Derulo, and Other Stars Invest in Audius


Blockchain-based audio streaming app Audius revealed that it attracted $5 M from Katy Perry, Nas, The Chainsmokers, Jason Derulo, Pusha T, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and other stars. Representatives from various music-related spheres also backed the round. The names include the ex CEO/Chairman of...

Dapper Labs Google Flow

Dapper Labs Revealed a Cooperation with Google


Vancouver-based blockchain and software development enterprise Dapper Labs revealed cooperating with Google to scale the Flow protocol. As stated in the press release, Google will allow the network nodes to carry out building on its cloud service. Google Cloud is the official cloud provider of Flow...

Cardano Alonzo upgrade

Cardano Announced the Alonzo Upgrade Date


Tech company standing behind the development of Cardano blockchain, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) announced the date of the Hard Fork Combinator (HFC). The event is scheduled for Sunday, September 12 at 21:44 UTC. LAUNCH CONFIRMED: Today, around 17:26 UTC we successfully submitted an update...

Cardano blockchain ADA

ADA Surpassed $3 Following Smart Contracts Test Net Launch


Tech company that built the Cardano blockchain, Input Output (IOHK) informed followers about the successful release of the Plutus platform’s smart contract capability on testnet. This is an essential part of the Alonzo mainnet upgrade, which will occur on September 12. On September 2, after the...

Presearch in Europe

Android in Europe Adds Decentralized Search Engine Presearch


Blockchain-powered decentralized search engine and a token ecosystem Presearch is now available for Android devices across Europe as an alternative option. On September 1, Google listed the browser. The majority of smartphone owners in Europe, around 70% use Android. Thus, the blockchain-based...

Vitalik Buterin Ethereum regrets

Vitalik Buterin Talked About His Regrets About Ethereum


Today, September 2 Vitalik Buterin answers followers’ questions through a Twitter AMA (Ask Me Anything). The youngest crypto billionaire has already expressed his views towards different blockchain and DeFi projects, Ethereum's development, NFTs, and more. Doing a random twitter experiment just...

Ethereum Arbitrum One

Ether Surges After the Scaling Solution Arbitrum One Release


On August 31, the mainnet of Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum One went public. The EVM-compatible platform with optimistic rollups techniques aims to reduce the fee cost of transactions and scale Dapps. WE KNOW YOU'VE BEEN WAITING...WE'RE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE...📘ARBITRUM ONE📘BRIEF...

Geth bug chain split

Ethereum Interface Geth Discoveres a Chain Split


Ethereum is dealing with a chain split as a percentage of validators failed to upgrade their software after the found bug in the earlier versions of Ethereum interface Go Ethereum (Geth). A few days ago, on August 24, the team running the commonly used Ether interface layer Geth announced a flaw in...

Alethea AI intelligent NFTs

Alethea AI Attracted $16 M to Build Intelligent NFTs


Alethea AI Attracted $16 M to Build Intelligent NFTs A startup from Singapore, decentralized protocol Alethea AI, which enables the creation of intelligent NFTs (iNFTs) announced raising $16 M via a private token sale. 1/ After our groundbreaking sale of the world’s first iNFT at @Sotheby’s for...

Riot blockchain revenue

Riot Blockchain's Q2 Revenue Up 1500% Compared to Q2 2020


Colorado-based BTC mining company Riot Blockchain announced the results of the second quarter of 2021. The press release issued on August 23 indicates that the company's mining revenue reached $31.5 M which means a 1540% growth compared to last year's $1.9 M. 70% of the revenue, which is $19.3 M,...

Visa buys a CryptoPunk NFT

Visa Buys an NFT “CryptoPunk” for $150.000


Leading financial services company Visa revealed buying CryptoPunk #7610 paying around $150.000 in Ether. Along with the announcement, Visa released a blog post. Through the post, the head of Crypto at Visa, Cuy Sheffield, explained what NFTs are and why the company chose to buy one. Over the last...

Deloitte blockchain survey

Digital Assets May Replace Fiat in 10 Years: Deloitte Survey


This year’s blockchain poll carried out by major management consulting company Deloitte shows that 76% of the participants believe that digital assets will become a more common choice or replace fiat in the coming 5-10 years. As mentioned in the publication, the survey was processed from March 24...

OpenSea $1 B trading volume

OpenSea Saw $1.22 B in Trading Volume in the Last 30 Days


Popular NFT platform OpenSea set records in the previous 30 days. On August 17, the market’s co-founder and CEO Devin Finzer informed the community that the platform's trading volume surged to $1 M this month. OpenSea just hit $1B in trading volume for the month of August so far.And it's...

Social Media

Jay Graber to lead the initiative to decentralize social media


Renowned crypto developer Jay Graber, who has been involved with projects such as Zcash and Skuchain, will spearhead an initiative to decentralize social media. For the first time, the leadership of the Twitter platform announced this back in 2019. Now, supposedly, there are all the resources to...


KPMG has recorded a surge in investor interest in blockchain


Since 2016, there has been a steady increase in investment in projects launched based on blockchain technologies. The KPMG study says that the increase in investment in this sector of the economy proves once again that investors have become aware of its huge potential. In the first half of 2021...

Blockchain is an extremely popular technology nowadays. Back in 1991, Nick Szabo has described the tech but did not find a way to bring it to life. Two decades later, in 2009, mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto realized Szabo's idea, and blockchain had become the basis of the famous Bitcoin.

And what do we have today? A system that gathers all the cryptocurrencies, that is changing the banking system and brings modifications to our everyday life. P2P transactions, distributed ledgers, and many other technical features are becoming a part of financial systems. Democratic governments are implementing blockchain in more and more fields of public administration, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. And that is the reason to become aware of these innovations.

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