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NFT sales 2021 blockchain

NFT Sales Surge to $2.5 B in 2021 First Half


Data from shows that the NFT market records new highs this year. In the first half of 2021, the total amount of NFT sales is approximately 2.5 B. It's worth mentioning that for the same interval last year the indicator was $13.7 million. In June, sales on the NFT platform OpenSea...

Beeple NFT platform

New Platform by Beeple to Record Moments on the Blockchain


Digital artist Beeple, the author of the most expensive, $69 M worth NFT "Everydays: The First 5000 Days", has released his own platform. Beeple co-founded with American online music publication Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber for the initiative. The market is called WENEW. It presented...

NFT world wide web

NFT of the World Wide Web Source Code Was Sold for $5.4 M


The NFT introducing the original code for the WWW, built by English programmer Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, was sold for $5.4 M. Sotheby's held the process of the online auction, which was completed on June 30. Berners-Lee built the NFT in 2021. It gives ownership of a number of digital pieces from...

China subway digital Yuan

Beijing Subway Started Allowing Payments With Digital Yuan


Passengers of the Beijing subway now can use digital yuan as a payment method. The pilot program was released on Wednesday. As reports the Beijing Municipal Commission of Public Transport at the moment, the option is available at all 24 lines and 4 suburban railway lines in Beijing. Global Times...

American Psycho NFTs

American Psycho NFTs Will Be Traded on Curio Network


California-based entertainment and licensing company Evolution USA and Digital Collectibles Agency are launching NFTs of the movie "American Psycho". 🩸American Psycho NFTs are dropping on Curio NOW!!— Curio (@CurioNFT) June 28, 2021 ...

Marvel NFTs

Marvel NFTs Will Be Introduced On the Veve App


One of the world's most prominent entertainments, Marvel LLC, announced launching NFTs. They will enable users to get collectibles, comic books, and other products running on blockchain technology. For the initiative, Marvel partners with Orbis Blockchain Technologies, a digital collectibles...

Ethereum London upgrade

Ethereum's London Hardfork Has Gone Live on Ropsten Testnet


The London update of Ethereum which includes Proposal 1559 is started up on the Ropsten testnet. Tim Beiko, the network's engineer tweeted about the event. We have a block! Took a bit longer than expected, but London is live on Ropsten 😅— Tim Beiko | timbeiko.eth...

Blockchain Capital Visa PayPal

Visa and PayPal Backed Blockchain Capital's $300 M Funding


Venture Capital firm focused on crypto and DLT, Blockchain Capital allocated $300 M in funding for its Fund V. Giant finance firms PayPal and Visa contributed the round. BC was established in 2013. It has financially backed over 110 firms. The number includes crypto platforms Coinbase, Kraken,...

Jay-Z Dame Dash NFT

Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella Sued Dame Dash Over an NFT


American hip-hop record label Roc-A-Fella established by Jay-Z, Damon Dash, and Biggs Burke sued Damon Dash for intending to mint and sell Jay-Z's first album "Reasonable Doubt" as an NFT. The lawsuit shows that Dash intended to purchase an NFT of the album on the network SuperFarm via an...


Crucial limits Chia mining on SSDs but then changes its mind


SSD manufacturer Crucial threatened to void the guarantees for the devices that were used to mine the Chia cryptocurrency but later denied this statement. Last week, the company revised its warranty policy to include a clause stating that "using Crucial SSDs for crypto mining will void the...

Hip Hop NFTs

Universal Hip-Hop Museum and Near Protocol to Present NFTs


On June 19, Dapp platform Near announced launching an auction of 103 NFTs in honor of Hip-Hop stars. The date of the release was chosen as it's a federal holiday marking the end of slavery. We just launched the auction of 100+ Legendary #HipHopHeads #NFTs! 🔥#NEAR is super excited about this...

CNN Launches NFTs

CNN Launches an NFT Collection


Leading news platform CNN is releasing a series of NFTs on the Flow blockchain. People can acquire them by paying in fiat. On June 1, CNN celebrated its 41st anniversary. Later this month the company is launching an NFT collection with the name “Vault by CNN”. The collectibles will present...

Dogecoin NFT

NFT Depicting Dogecoin Sold for $4 M


Interest in Dogecoin remains to be high. There are a series of NFTs with the image of Shiba Inu presented on the website One of them was required for 1696 Ether valued at $4 M. The buyer was PleasrDAO, a club interested in buying blockchain-based collectibles. The photo of the Shiba...

Ripple CTO

Ripple CTO offered to launch a sidechain based on XRP


Ripple CTO David Schwartz has posted a proposal to launch federated sidechains powered by XRP Ledger. The solution will allow you to connect smart contracts and create decentralized applications using the native network token. According to Schwartz, smart contracts are one of the most requested...

FTX NFT marketplace

Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX Presents an NFT Market


Major crypto services provider FTX platform released a sector for NFTs. The network already has a number of collectibles that are listed on FTX's main exchange and also on the FTX. US. The owner of one of the NFTs called "SBF Launch" will get a half-hour launch with FTX Chief Executive...

GameStop NFT platform

GameStop Will Present Its NFT Platform


GameStop, an American retailer that sells games, consoles, and other electronics is on the way to present its NFT platform. The company is carrying out design and development processes. There is already a lending page on the website. GameStop announced building a team and therefore hiring...


Senator from Nebraska offers using blockchain in agriculture


Nebraska Senator Carol Blood has backed a bill to explore the potential for blockchain use in agriculture. According to the document, they plan to use distributed ledger technology to track the origin of products: from farms to store shelves. The author of the bill proposes to control production...

Steve Harvey NFTs

Steve Harvey Sells NFT for Donation


Famous humorist, TV show host Steve Harvey is introducing a new set of NFTs with the purpose to direct the sum to Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. He also announced holding Bitcoin and Ether. The star presented his first 3 NFTs on the platform Rarible on May 14. They were in the form of...

Blockchain is an extremely popular technology nowadays. Back in 1991, Nick Szabo has described the tech but did not find a way to bring it to life. Two decades later, in 2009, mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto realized Szabo's idea, and blockchain had become the basis of the famous Bitcoin.

And what do we have today? A system that gathers all the cryptocurrencies, that is changing the banking system and brings modifications to our everyday life. P2P transactions, distributed ledgers, and many other technical features are becoming a part of financial systems. Democratic governments are implementing blockchain in more and more fields of public administration, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. And that is the reason to become aware of these innovations.

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