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Phantom fundraising iOS app

Phantom Wallet Attracted $109 M, Launched iOS App


Solana digital asset wallet Phantom has attracted $109 M in a Series B funding round. Thus, the valuation of the company hit $1.2 bln. The round was led by investment firm Paradigm. Andreessen Horowitz, Variant Fund, DeFi Alliance, Solana Ventures, also took part in the round. In the published blog...

Google cloud

Google Cloud will develop products based on blockchain technology


One of the divisions of Google Corporation - Google Cloud, which is a set of cloud services, announced the creation of a new team that will develop projects based on blockchain technologies. An official statement was posted on the Google website in which the technology corporation explains that the...

OpenSea NFT hack compensation

OpenSea Returns Funds To Affected Users From the Hack


Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea announced compensating users that suffered from the recent bug exploit. Funds worth $1.8 M was returned to the users. It was detected on January 24 that a hacker found a front-end vulnerability. Exploiting the bug, the hacker withdrew around 332 Ethers, worth around...

Warner Music Group the sandbox

Warner Music Group Partners with The Sandbox


New York-based international record label conglomerate Warner Music Group is intending to hold virtual concerts in the metaverse. The company disclosed that it collaborates with the Ethereum-based shared digital space The Sandbox to set a virtual musical world. WMG obtained an estate that will...

Bank of America strategists CBDC

Bank of America Expects US CBDC To Be Launched Till 2030


Bank of America’s analysts released a report, where they said that Central Bank Digital Currencies are an unavoidable advancement of the existing digital assets. As per a news article by Bloomberg, the experts said that the US digital dollar will be different from other digital assets. The main...

Elon Musk Twitter NFTs

Twitter Had Better Focus On Scammers Than NFT Avatars: Elon Musk


Twitter's subscription service Twitter Blue announced that now users can use NFTs as their profile pictures by connecting their crypto wallets. Tesla CEO Elon Musk reacted to the news, saying that the news is annoying. In his opinion, it would be better if the social media network spent its...

Meta NFTs Facebook Instagram

Facebook and Instagram Plan to Allow Users to Create NFTs


Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and other entities, aims to provide users the possibility to create and trade NFTs. An article, published by Financial Times, informs that Facebook, and Instagram are working to enable users to put their NFTs on view through their profiles. Persons...

Google blockchain division

Google Forms a Group to Work on Distributed Technologies


One of the top tech companies, Google revealed that the company has a new unit which will work on blockchain and other disruptive computing and data processing techs. As per a report by Bloomberg, Google assigned an engineering vice president of Advertising Infrastructure and Payments Systems at...

Animoca Brands valuation

Blockchain Games Developer Animoca Brand's Valuation Hit $5 B


NFTs and metaverse-focused company Animoca Brands announced securing around $358 M in investments. In a blog post published on Jan. 18, the team said that the company’s valuation surpassed $5 B with the fund allocation. The investment round was led by Liberty City Ventures. Among the...

China NFTs blockchain

China to Create Its Own NFT Industry


China’s Blockchain Services Network (BSN) intends to release infrastructure at the end of January to enable NFT deployment. This step is a major development towards forming a Chinese NFT ecosystem that requires no links to cryptos. Launched in April 2020 by the government, BSN is managed by the...

Bank of America Solana

Bank of America’s Recent Note Mentioned Solana’s Potential


International financial services provider Bank of America's global crypto and digital asset strategist Alkesh Shah wrote in recent research that Solana has the potential to become the Visa of digital asset space. The note was published by BofA clients. The bank sent the paper after hosting Lily...

Pantera Capital Ethereum

Pantera Capital CIO Finds Competitors Can’t Beat Ethereum


Serial entrepreneur, co-chief investment officer at crypto-focused hedge fund Pantera Capital, Joey Krug finds that although crypto protocols are growing, Ethereum will keep dominating the market with the biggest share. Moreover, during an interview with Bloomberg, Krug said that, possibly in 10 or...

MANA Australian Open

Australian Open Partners With Decentraland and Launches NFTs


Major tennis championship Australian Open collaborates with the open-source VR environment Decentraland to launch NFTs and join the metaverse. AO is launching a collection of 6776 NFTs. There will be 6776 court sections with one section assigned to one asset. Also, AO will hold a virtual event for...

Chainlink cross-chain smart contracts

Chainlink To Enable Cross-Chain Smart Contracts in 2022


Ethereum-based decentralized oracle network Chainlink announced that it will launch the Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) this year. Talking about the ecosystem’s future, the CEO Sergey Nazarov said that the CCIP is an app addressed to solving challenges of cross-chain...

Solana issues

Solana Network Announced Experiencing Degraded Performance


The Solana protocol announced on Jan. 6 that there were some issues causing performance degradation. In the published tweet, the team mentioned that the reason for the slowdown was the high volume of activities, which is dropping the protocol’s capacity to carry out txns in a second. Because of...

GameStop NFT division

GameStop Will Launch an NFT division, Sources Say


The leading game retailer, GameStop is said to launch a division to release an NFT marketplace, and start collaborations with crypto companies. Washington Street Journal reported the news on January 6, mentioning that the source was persons aware of the company's plans. It was mentioned in the...

Ethereum future Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin About the Ethereum Roadmap and Where It Is


During a recent podcast of the program Bankless, Vitalik Buterin talked about the future of Ethereum, what the protocol will look like when the upgrades are complete, how much time is needed for it, and more. Buterin said that the previous year was great for the adoption of crypto, mentioning the...

OpenSea Series C

OpenSea Closed Series C Investment Round With $300 M Raised


Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea revealed raising $300 M in the Series C investment round. Currently, the company's market value stands at above $13.3 bln. Investment companies Paradigm and Coatue led the round. In the published blog post, OpenSea says there were also new and exciting investors...

Blockchain is an extremely popular technology nowadays. Back in 1991, Nick Szabo has described the tech but did not find a way to bring it to life. Two decades later, in 2009, mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto realized Szabo's idea, and blockchain had become the basis of the famous Bitcoin.

And what do we have today? A system that gathers all the cryptocurrencies, that is changing the banking system and brings modifications to our everyday life. P2P transactions, distributed ledgers, and many other technical features are becoming a part of financial systems. Democratic governments are implementing blockchain in more and more fields of public administration, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. And that is the reason to become aware of these innovations.

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