Polygon Comes To the Opera Browser Due to a Cooperation

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Opera Polygon blockchain

Ethereum scaling network Polygon and Opera Browser built a collaboration, which suggests the browser's integration with Polygon, thus providing users in-browsers access to over 3000 dapps supported on Polygon.

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Among leading dapps operating on the Polygon protocol are lending and borrowing protocol Aave, no loss price games protocol PoolTogether, DEX SushiSwap, Play to Earn game Decentraland, NFT marketplace OpenSea, and many others. Opera's crypto wallet now supports the Ethereum Web3 API, making Ethereum-based dapps available on the browser.

However, there have been high gas payments on the Ethereum L 1.

According to a press release by Polygon, the protocol's techniques and low transaction prices, the issue will be solved. Opera now has web 3 support and a crypto wallet. The future integration is planned to take place in Q1 next year.

Through Opera's crypto wallet, users can transact with Polygon's native token MATIC.

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Polygon is one of leading blockchain protocols. It provides solutions for Ethereum’s scalability. The network has a native token MATIC, which currently trades at about $2.63. In the last 7 days, MATIC price increased by around 41%, regaining its all-time high.