Internet Computer Now Supports ERC 20 Tokens

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Ethereum Internet Computer

Blockchain protocol Internet Computer added Ethereum integration via a cross-chain bridge.

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The upgrade was one of the 25 proposals that the community members voted for.

It was submitted on December 20, and was adopted as the absolute majority voted yes to it. Thus, ERC 20 tokens can now operate on IC.

Terabethia, which is the name of the built bridge, makes smart contract connection between the 2 chains possible. It is developed on a forked version of StarkWare, a blockchain scaling infrastructure, that uses the cryptographic proofs ZK-STARKS. Terabethia enables Ethereum and IC to send and receive data, tokens, or call smart contracts with each other.

Internet Computer was released in March 2021 with its native coin ICP by the Dfinity Foundation. It aims to expand the abilities of the internet with an progressive blockchain protocol. The network continues to present upgrades and proposals. Recently, the community adopted 25 proposals that have a broad scope of R&D, cryptography research, networking, and others.

At the moment, the native crypto of Internet Computer, ICPtrades at around $26. In the last 7 days, the coin's price went up by over 12%.

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The coin’s market cap is above $5 billion.