Meta to Add Blockchain Interoperability, the Future CTO Says

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The next CTO of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Andrew Bosworth, plans to build extended interoperability between the firm and blockchain protocols.

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As per a report by the NY Times, the source of which is an internal message from the executive, Meta is exploring possibilities to partner with web3 platforms.

The news media acquired the note to employees by Boz, who suggested Facebook’s vision to integrate with blockchains and crypto projects. In the message, the next Meta CTO said that it’ll be better for the firm to create blockchain possibilities sooner than others, and do it carefully. He said blockchain will have a deep impact on the industry in coming years.

Boz said that the main purpose is to provide blockchain interoperability, adding that if there will be a possibility to collaborate with web 3 projects, it’ll be worth the effort.

Bosworth, who is currently leading Meta's Reality Labs team on AR, VR, AI, Portal, and more, said the company should build ways to integrate with NFTs. Also, he mentioned intentions to explore possibilities of investing in decentralized autonomous organizations and smart contracts.

At the same time, Boz mentioned that Meta will benefit from decentralized tech, as along with people who like using Google and Facebook, those who don’t, are building an impressive technological wave. Earlier, Meta announced having reviewed its crypto ads policy and made running ads easier.