Top Blockchain Data APIs

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The cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi industries generate genuine interest among developers. To ensure that your project gets the very best features and functionality it requires, it is vital to use a crypto data API.

Using a set of definitions and protocols, APIs are techniques that let two software components interact with one another. APIs are beneficial for almost any project involving blockchain, bitcoin, and other cryptos. Various blockchain API capabilities affect a project's access to a wide range of resources and benefits. It's essential to focus more on the project's features rather than just the best-rated or most versatile options.

Cryptocurrency API use cases are diverse. They are mainly used by Web3 developers and enthusiasts to perform blockchain transactions, monitor assets, verify real-time cryptocurrency data, and conduct various crypto market data research.

So, let's take a look at some powerful and trusted blockchain APIs for developers and projects.


Nomics is an API that provides detailed raw trading data on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies overall time and with no rate time constraints. With minimal time delays, this API allows users to trade near real-time.

With Nomics, users get programmatic access to current and historical price, market, and exchange rate data from many crypto exchanges, including Bitfinex, Coinbase, Bitflyer,, Binance, and more. Thus, they can find the best prices for each currency and make profitable deals.

Several additional features are available in the Nomics API. First, these are tools for evaluating user portfolios and creating public cryptocurrency applications.


Bitquery is a multi-tool platform for parsing, indexing, and storing Web3 data in one place. Its Digital Asset APIs allow you to process data and troubleshoot using trusted blockchain data.

Using GraphQL technology, Bitquery provides users access to data from dozens of blockchains (including fundamental Ethereum, Bitcoin, BSC, etc.) through an API. Because this data is grouped by blockchain type, each type represents a top-level node in GraphQL.

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The practical application of the Coinpath API and the Bitquery DEX API lies in a wide range of use cases, from currency flow analysis for blockchain investigation and compliance, finding the source and destination of funds, to decentralized exchange trading (DEX), OHLC, arbitrage, and so on.


Tsunami API is the core product of the PARSIQ Network. As of this writing, the Tsunami API provides access to the full range of data on blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BSC.

The raw Web3 data that the Tsunami API user receives on request can be filtered according to various criteria. Advanced mechanisms allow you to set up filters such as sender, individual contract, recipient, and any other options.

Providing historical and real-time data makes it possible to track any type of event, metrics, or statistics—for example, TVL, current and historical token prices, user balances, APY, and more. With PARSIQ, you can process 33+ billion different blockchain events, historical data, and metrics in less than 1 second.


Messari is a Web3 data aggregator that provides a wide range of tools for analyzing and tracking large amounts of Web3 data.

The information the user accesses through the Messari API (token metrics, prices, market value and trading volume, and so on) can be sorted using personalized filters.

The Messari API does not include distribution rights, so using the data requires attribution, a link to their site, or a license.

Coin API

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CoinAPI is a fast and versatile provider of crypto market data that is provided on request using an HTTP RESTful API. Maximum data standardization is ensured by having asset codes and market symbol details double-checked by real people.

CoinAPI provides real-time streaming services and historical market data (which is almost 500 TB). The user receives data in JSON, XML, or CSV formats.

CoinAPI servers are located all over the world, which ensures reliable and fast data transfer.


NOWNodes is a blockchain-as-a-service solution that provides 24/7 access to explorer and node APIs. The platform has a well-designed, high-quality, hopeful, and fast infrastructure.

The NOWNodes API provides secure and fast access to data from 40+ blockchains, including BTC, ETH, and BSC, with over 1000 tokens, thanks to advanced technologies. Such a system makes working with Web3 data simple and efficient.

The NOWNodes API's infrastructure is designed so that users can add new blockchain networks, coins, and tokens, expanding the platform's capabilities. Backup is also available. All this helps to reduce user costs.


Wyre is a new economy platform that provides a secure payment infrastructure for fiat and crypto payments. The JSON REST APIs included with Wyre support a range of financial, cryptocurrency, and identity services.

With the Wyre API, business owners can process real-time payments at competitive exchange rates without worrying about hidden fees, complicated payment terms, or high payment fees. The platform also ensures that transactions are carried out in compliance with all regulatory requirements. Both exchanges through intermediaries and direct bank transfers are available.

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So Wyre allows you to move and convert value/assets across Web2 and Web3. And the Wyre API provides matching as a service and user management system.


Now, during the bear market, it is essential not to stop but to look for new opportunities in the crypto world, which continues to develop actively, despite the difficult conditions. When developing new applications, it is worth focusing on the real needs of users, as well as providing them with a reliable service that can be achieved using proven and powerful APIs.

Cryptocurrency market data APIs are not just tools for various data mining capabilities and functions. The most fundamental task of many APIs is to make access to the cryptocurrency market possible, convenient, secure, and fast for the user.

There are many cryptocurrency APIs available today. When choosing, it is vital to focus on your customers' needs and give preference to those services that satisfy them.