Wells Fargo Says Crypto Can Be a Part of the Next Digital Era

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Wells Fargo crypto

International financial services company Wells Fargo released a new report on cryptocurrencies with the title "Understanding Cryptocurrency." The report says that crypto is a part of the digital revolution.

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Wells Fargo finds that cryptos could play an important role in the next digital era, as the technology they rely on specializes in data security. According to the release, cryptos have become viable investments, and they are part of technologies that will shape the next digital era.

Analyzing the use cases of cryptocurrencies, Wells Fargo mentions art, music, entertainment, health care, real estate, cities and states, data protection, etc.

Wells Fargo concludes that crypto may change the ways people use the internet to make transactions, secure personal data, and even operate a business. The company predicts that broad adoption of crypto and related technologies is likely to make the assets as much a social movement as financial.