Brazilia’s PicPay Offers Crypto Services Partnering with Paxos

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PicPay crypto

Brazilia-based digital wallet application and payments solution PicPay started providing crypto services to more than 30 M users. Through the platform, users can buy, hold, and sell cryptos in a direct way.

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PicPay teamed up with the blockchain tech company Paxos to enable users to access cryptos. With this step, PicPay will help users understand what are the benefits of crypto. The firm is also developing a feature which will enable users to make crypto payments.

In a blog postpublished by Paxos, the team says with the use of the USDP stablecoin, PicPay users will have a safe digital USD, which will help them use cryptos in a daily life. Paxos added the step may bring us nearer to a future of financial markets.