Financial experts believe that cryptos will replace fiat

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Crypto fiat

Many analytical companies have recorded the growing interest of financial managers in digital currencies and blockchain technologies.

The Deloitte team interviewed over a thousand employees of financial corporations and found that most of them are optimistic about the long-term prospects of cryptocurrencies. Most of the respondents (76%) say that over the next ten years, we will see digital assets hit fiat money and drive it out of the market.

The study involved managers of companies based in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. The survey was conducted from March 24 to April 10. Experts are also confident that blockchain technologies will continue to be used in shaping the economy of the future.

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73% of respondents said that their companies are going to be able to remain competitive only if they use services deployed using decentralized technologies in their work.

About 60% of survey participants told researchers that regulatory restrictions in several large countries, as well as cyber threats, hinder the more active expansion of the cryptosphere.

Just over 40% of CFOs acknowledged the growing influence of the DeFi market. In their opinion, this ecosystem is becoming more attractive for a wide variety of categories of investors thanks to a wide range of applications for storing and transferring digital assets.