Joe Rogan Hopes Cryptocurrencies Will Change the World

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Joe Rogan crypto

During a recent episode of the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience ”with his fellow podcaster Adam Curry, the host said that he had a lot of hope for crypto.

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The two media personalities talked about the crypto industry among other subjects. In Rogan's opinion, crypto ether will fall apart, or it will transform the world, allowing people to live better. He finds it’ll be one way or another.

Adam Curry said that a lot of young people refuse the traditional systems and move to create alternative systems and networks.

Also, he said that he's on the BTC side as he finds the money is safer there in general.

As reasons why Curry prefers Bitcoin to Ethereum, he mentioned that BTC supply is capped at 21 M and that number can’t be changed or inflated, and that BTC has no CEO. Curry finds that the money system is broken and it causes inflation, poverty, and wars because it's linked to oil.

According to him, now people have all the technology and everything needed to build alternative systems. The two projects that Curry has now and works on are podcasting and BTC.

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Talking about CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), the guest said they come to people from the Federal Reserve and the institution has complete control upon activities.