OpenSea Returns Funds To Affected Users From the Hack

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OpenSea NFT hack compensation

Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea announced compensating users that suffered from the recent bug exploit.

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Funds worth $1.8 M was returned to the users.

It was detected on January 24 that a hacker found a front-end vulnerability. Exploiting the bug, the hacker withdrew around 332 Ethers, worth around $780.000 at the time. The protocol announced that they have updated the guidance on canceling inactive listings.

On January 28, the OpenSea team said via a Twitter thread that another issue happened as an on-chain bot has taken advantage of some users canceling inactive listings.

A Bloomberg report, based on data received by OpenSea reveals that the marketplace refunded a total of 750 Ether for 130 wallet items, provided data to Bloomberg News.

According to the guidance, users need to transfer their NFTs back into their wallets to cancel inactive listings, to keep their NFTs safe.

The market gave instructions in what cases it's necessary to cancel the inactive listing and in what cases there is no such a need.