Google Forms a Group to Work on Distributed Technologies

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Google blockchain division

One of the top tech companies, Google revealed that the company has a new unit which will work on blockchain and other disruptive computing and data processing techs.

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As per a report by Bloomberg, Google assigned an engineering vice president of Advertising Infrastructure and Payments Systems at the corporation, Shivakumar Venkataraman, to head the segment. In an email to Bloomberg, Google said that the part combines its work in immersive reality, VR and AR.

Another big news was that Google hired PayPal’s ex-chief product architect and general manager Arnold Goldberg to lead its payments branch.

Google's head of commerce, Bill Ready, told Bloomberg that the step was a part of the company's vision to expand its fin. services and add more options, including cryptos. Although currently the tech giant supports cards of crypto exchanges Gemini, Coinbase, Bitpay and other crypto-related products, transactions are carried out in fiat.

Previously, Google has collaborated with different blockchain companies, and the parent company Alphabet invested in blockchain projects, including Hedera Hashgraph, Theta Network, Flow blockchain, and others. However, the company hasn't released any blockchain product yet.