US Congress Says Crypto Miners Should Reveal More Energy Data

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USA crypto mining

The Congress of the US wrote a letter to the presidential administration related to crypto mining and its impact on surroundings.

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Democratic lawmakers questioned seven crypto mining firms about the energy they use. Reports show that miners are consuming essential amounts of electricity.

Seven of the top crypto miners in the U.S. spend nearly enough electricity required to power all of Houston.

Senators said crypto mining causes a large amount of C2O emissions. Their analysis suggests that crypto mining in the US seems to cause problems.

According to congress representatives, there is a lack of data about crypto mining operations. They noted the need for the government agencies to collaborate to address the issues related to the lack of details about energy use and consequences, requiring full reports from crypto miners. Senators say data would allow building effective public policy activities, better energy use monitoring and trends, mitigation analysis, tech policies evaluation, and other purposes.